Texas High School Covered In Racist Graffiti Over Winter Break

A Houston High School Was Vandalized With Swastikas, Pentagrams, The N-word And Other Racist Graffiti Over The Holidays.

An investigation is underway after students returned from the winter break to find their school covered in racist graffiti.

Those arriving at Memorial High School near Houston on Wednesday saw the walls littered with offensive slogans and symbols – including swastikas and the n-word.

Shocked students posted pictures on social media showing the offensive graffiti. One of the photographs showed ‘n***a’ written across a brick wall, while another was of the words, ‘white power’ scribbled across multiple windows.


Several pentagrams, and the word ‘c**k’, were also seen.

Memorial High School has almost two-thirds white students, while just two per cent of those enrolled are black, according to Texas Education Agency data.

District officials have announced an immediate investigation into the vandalism, which it called a: ‘highly offensive nature of content’.

‘We stand against hate in all its forms and will never tolerate behavior that makes any member of the Spring Branch ISD family feel unsafe or disrespected,’ the district said in a statement, KTRK reports.


The school’s principal also blasted the graffiti in a letter sent to parents on Wednesday.

‘At MHS, we stand against hate. We are shocked and angered that our school has been targeted, and that our students returned to a new year to find their campus defaced in such a mean-spirited way,’ Lisa Weir wrote, according to the Houston Chronicle.

‘I addressed students and staff on the PA system at the start of the day and shared how deeply saddened I was to find such hateful words and symbols that do not represent who we are, and who we want to be as a school, community and society.


‘I shared how we find strength in and take pride in our diversity, and how important it is for us to be sensitive to each other.’

Parents of some students spoke about how disgusted they were by the graffiti.

‘It’s scary and unnerving that there’s someone who could do something like that in our kids’ school and so close to our home,’ Jane Hammond told the Chronicle.

‘And for it to be right on the heels of Christmas and the holidays is just terrible.’


James Wainaina, an 18-year-old black student, said he was shocked to see this sort of thing at his school.

‘We all joke about some stuff with close friends, but I didn’t think someone here could be so racist,’ he told the newspaper.

Houston’s NAACP held a press conference on Wednesday to condemn the graffiti.

‘It’s unfortunate that children in 2017 have to return to school and find these disturbing images on campus,’ chapter vice-president Dallas Jones said.


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