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Terrifying moment elderly couple narrowly escape death when car crashes into sidewalk

Terrifying moment an elderly couple narrowly escape death when an out-of-control car crashes onto a sidewalk

An elderly couple narrowly escaped death after an out-of-control car sped down the street and knocked the man to the ground.

The footage below shows the car running a red light and cutting off a turning vehicle, before racing toward the unsuspecting couple as they stroll down the sidewalk in front of a building.

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Within moments, the car crashed onto the sidewalk and appeared to graze the man’s back as he toppled over face first.

The footage obtained from a surveillance camera shows that the incident took place on October 2.

Strangely enough, a couple of people walk out of the building near where the incident happened and two people walk down the street, but none bothered to help the man.

A third person comes running up to the couple and then appears to help the man still lying on the ground.

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