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Teen Chic-Fil-A Worker Raises $44,000 To Feed The Homeless

Teenage Chick-Fil-A Worker Who Was Photographed Working In A Neck Brace And Arm Sling Inspired A $44,000 Fundraiser From His Viral Photo And Plans To Use The Money To Feed The Homeless.

When Jakeem Tyler went to work at a fast food restaurant in a neck brace and arm sling after a car crash, he certainly didn’t expect to become a viral sensation.

The teenager, who had worked at Chick-fil-A for 18 months, had been cleared by his doctor to continue working, so that’s what he did. Like millions of others, he needed the money. And he needed it for a good reason: Christmas was coming and he and his family were planning to help feed the homeless.

Without Jakeem’s salary, someone might go without – and that certainly wasn’t part of the plan.

So with his left arm strapped to his chest and his movements restricted by a neck brace, he was counting out change at the counter at the fast food restaurant in Avon, Indiana in early December when a customer listened to his inspirational story, took his photograph, posted it on Facebook and set up a fundraising page.

A target of $2,500 was set. Within 3 days, it had raised more than $5,000. Within five days, it was $12,000. Now, a month later, the total stands at a staggering $44,277.

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