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Teen Charged With Murder After Police Kill Her Boyfriend

Black Girl Gets Charged With Murder After Police Kill Her Boyfriend

By: Eboni Walker

A sixteen-year-old black girl has been charged with murder in the death of her boyfriend.

According to Rolling Out, 16-year-old, Masonique Saunders has been charged with murder and aggravated robbery.

The charges come from a Dec 7 shooting, where an Ohio police officer shot and killed Julius Tate Jr. 16.

Reportedly, police officials launched an operation to investigate a string of robberies, which they believe Tate was involved in.

Officers, set up a meeting through social media to purchase something Tate had for sale. When the undercover police officer arrived, he claimed Tate pulled out a gun and tried to rob him. Another officer who watched the incident from afar shot and killed Tate.

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“The suspect approached the officer, produced a weapon, robbed the officer. At that time the cover officer fired at the suspect,” said Columbus police spokesperson Sgt. Chantay Boxill.

Saunders was reportedly at the crime scene when Tate was shot. She claims that once police arrived outside of Tate’s home, he brought him to the corner of the house. The officer allegedly fired a gunshot at unarmed Tate and went inside of his home. They retrieved a gun from within the house.

Saunders’ and Tate’s family attorney Bryon Potts also seconded that testimony.

He told WOSU that “police officers shot Tate in cold blood and later retrieved a firearm from his apartment after searching his family’s home.”

A few days after Tate’s death, Saunders was charged in connection with his killing.

According to Police, Saunders assisted Tate in a string of robberies and also had a gun during the attempted robbery that led to Tate’s death. Therefore, she is reportedly responsible for his death.

According to 10TV, Ohio Revised Code 2903.02 states “a person can be charged with murder if they cause the death of another as a proximate result of the offender’s committing or attempting to commit an offense of violence that is a felony of the first or second degree.”

“Under what historically has been called ‘felony murder,’ which means that you’re still responsible for a murder if you cause the death of another as an approximate result of committing certain kinds of serious offenses,” Ohio State law professor Douglas Berman said.

“In a situation where say there are two people involved in a robbery, they go in to rob and then police shoot somebody, and police are actually the ones who did the direct killing, we still say the felons were approximately causing that death and should be held responsible under this felony murder doctrine,” Berman said.

Potts says Saunders was not involved was not “involved in any way with a robbery.”

Saunders’ mother believes she was charged with aggravated robbery and murder because she was going to testify against the Columbus Police Department.

“I don’t think that’s right,” Danielle Williams told 10TV. “They shouldn’t be able to do that unless they actually physically murdered them. Unless they actually pulled the trigger and shot him. But, she didn’t.”

iSaunders was arrested outside of Potts’ office. She will be held at a juvenile detention center until a hearing that will determine if she should be tried as an adult.

Potts announced that Tate’s family will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Columbus Police Department.

According to media outlets, Columbus Police have done “10 undercover stings as part of a crackdown on armed robberies. In the two most recent operations, police have shot suspects – including Tate.”

Ohio police have not released the names of the officers involved in the shooting or how many times officer fired his weapon.

Tate’s mother, Jamita Malone said she only wants justice for her son. She also stated that she hasn’t been allowed to see her son since his death.

“I don’t know what time he passed,” Malone said. “I do know that as his mother, he needed me.”

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: Rolling Out, WOSO, 10TV