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Teacher Almost Quit Because Of This Troubled Student, Then She Adopted Him

‘He just asked me if he could live with me… I told him I had been feeling the same’: Teacher, 24, ends up adopting troublesome student, 12, and his baby brother despite nearly making her quit her profession

A 24-year-old woman destined to teach turned the life around for her turbulent student, along with his baby brother.

In 2013, Chelsea Haley¬†began working with Teach For America, a nonprofit that helps ‘strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence’ within low-income schools, the organization’s mission statement reads.

Haley was enlisted as a ‘corp member,’ according to her LinkedIn page, to educate elementary students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

That’s where she met fourth grader Jerome Robinson – her toughest, most disorderly student.

Chelsea Haley (right) was 24 when she turned the life around for her troublesome student Jerome Robinson (pictured left)

‘At certain points, his behavior got so bad, I thought, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be a teacher,”’ Haley told CNN.

Outside of the classroom, Robinson and his baby brother, Jace, spent most nights with their grandparents, who cared for them, along with Robinson’s birth mom part of the time.