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Tamala Jones “Almost Lost Her Life” While Dating Nate Dogg And She Says It’s All Wendy Williams’ Fault

Actress Tamala Jones Says Wendy Williams Was Behind Her Almost Losing Her Life

By: Eboni Walker

In a recent interview, actress Tamala Jones says she almost lost her life while dating Death Row Records artist Nate Dogg.

In the interview with VLAD TV, Jones spoke on her previous relationships.

According to the interviewer, Jones made headlines when she began to date the rapper.

After giving props to the rapper’s artistic skills, Jones cleared up a longtime rumor about her relationship with Nate.

“That was a quick dating period. A lot of people like to add years on to that. But [the relationship] was only for a couple of months.

Photo: Getty Images

She then said that she didn’t date the Nate that the world knew him as. He was different with her.

“I met a different Nate Dogg than who everyone else got to see. I actually met Nathaniel Hale. I didn’t meet Nate Dogg. I’m not going to totally destroy his image, but this is a man who grew up in a church. His mother was the choir leader of the church, and his father was the minister.”