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[STUDY] Men Who Choose Full-Figured Women As Wives Are Happier

The psychology department at the National Autonomous University of Mexico found in a recent research study that men who marry women that are far from skinny enjoy their marriages more.

Photo credits: Lane Bryant

Science has proven that women who have more to grab a hold of physically make for better wives in the category of keeping their men happy.

According to a recently conducted study by the psychology department at the National Autonomous University of Mexico,  Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales found out that the men who were subjects of their research expressed their happiness in marriage far more often when they could also disclose that their wives were heavy set.

One of the reasons the male respondents felt this way is biological and deals with the fact that these men wanted their wives to give birth to children.

The results of the study’s thesis “are worth more than over and do not miss,” that full-figured women have higher rates of reproduction. According to the study’s arguments, in the latest statistics, larger women tend to have more children, since pregnancy does not cause any problems because they are accustomed to carrying a lot of weight. So a baby does not make a difference.