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[STUDY] More Than Half Of Younger Adults Approve Of Open Marriages

The findings of a study conducted by Avvo show that 57 percent of 24 to 32-year-olds are not opposed to trying an open marriage or relationship.

Photo credits: SheKnows

It appears as if younger, college-aged adults are less rigid than their older counterparts when it comes to monogamy.

According to a recently conducted study by a legal service referral guide called Avvo, 51 percent of adults aged 18-23 are not at all “morally opposed” to giving an open relationship or marriage a chance. Avvo also showed in its study findings that this was not so much the case when it came to older adult research subjects.

However, when it came to another segment of younger adults aged 24-32, the number unopposed to open marriages and relationships shot up even higher. In this age group, 57 percent were willing to try an open marriage or relationship in their lifetime.