Student, 21, Used iPhone’s ‘Share My Location’ To Escape Kidnapper Who Raped Her At Knife Point

GPS saved my life: Georgia college student, 21, reveals how she used her iPhone’s ‘share my location’ feature to escape the kidnapper who raped her at knife point


A Georgia college student who was raped and kidnapped last fall has shared the harrowing details of her experience — including how she saved her own life with some smart thinking and smart technology.

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Terrifying: Jaila Gladden, 21, was kidnapped from a Kroger parking lot in September

Jaila Gladden, 21, was shopping at a grocery store one night in September 2017 when a stranger pressed a knife to her stomach, forced her into her car, raped her, and tried to drive her all the way to Michigan in a terrifying kidnapping attempt.

The man, later identified by authorities as Timothy Wilson, didn’t manage to get out of state, though, because Jaila led the police right to them with a smartphone and some very clever, clear-headed maneuvering, which she recently recounted to BuzzFeed.

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