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The Story Of Recy Taylor, Who Oprah Paid Tribute To In Golden Globes Speech

Kidnapped, gang raped by six white men, dumped by the side of the road – then ignored: The real story of Recy Taylor who Oprah paid tribute to in Golden Globes speech a week after her death


Oprah Winfrey used her inspirational Golden Globes speech to invoke the name of an African-American woman who died last week, decades after her horrific kidnap and gang rape by white men in 1944 was ignored by police.

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Recy Taylor, who died aged 97 on December 29, garnered national attention when an all-white, all-male jury refused to indict her six white male attackers, despite their admission of guilt to authorities

Recy Taylor’s fight for justice in Alabama encapsulated the racial divide in the Jim Crow South and became a lightning rod for civil rights struggles around America.

Then, aged just 24, the married African-American woman was walking home from church with two friends when a car approached carrying seven men who forced her in at gunpoint, before driving her to a grove of pine trees at the side of the road

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