Store Manager of Cannabis Store Calls 911 From HOME As Armed Gunmen Raid Store With His Employees Inside

VIDEO: Armed gunmen who raided cannabis store and tied up workers are arrested after manager watched robbery on his live feed at home and rang 911


The incident happened around 10:30 pm at the Have a Heart pot shop in North Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.

The workers were closing for the night when two masked gunmen barged their way in, using zip ties to tie up two female employees.

The bandits then raided the store – a cash-only business – and the safe, unaware that their every move was being watched by the manager, who was at home monitoring a live feed.   

Seattle Police Department quickly arrived at the store and established a perimeter.

As the robbers came out, they were confronted by a group of cops with their weapons drawn. The men immediately surrendered.

The employees inside managed to free themselves. They were said to be shaken, but not injured.

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