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MIT Scientist Invented A Sticker With An App That Can Detect Sexual Assault [VIDEO]

The MIT Media Lab research reports that ‘every 98 seconds, a person in the United States is sexually abused. Every 16 hours, a woman in the United States is murdered by her romantic partner or ex-partner. Sexual abuse, assault, and harassment are regarded as some of the most common human rights violations in the world by the United Nations.’

Manisha Mohan, a second-year master’s student in the Living Mobile group at the MIT, recently shared her invention to combat sexual abuse, date rape, assault and harassment. Mohan is focused on on-body safety via the seamless integration of wearables into users’ existing clothing.

“A victim is unable to even stand up for themselves and we want to cater to those kind of situations,” Mohan said.

She has invented a sticker called Intrepid, which can be attached to different pieces of clothing based on the wearer’s habits, such as inside a bra. The wearer sets up an accompanying app on their phone which sends information to five contacts in the wearer’s “safety circle“ network who are texted or called or in the event of emergency.

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