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Steve Harvey Says He Does Not Want To Host The Oscars After Kevin Hart’s Situation

Steve Harvey says he has no interest in hosting the Academy Awards.

By Alexia McKay

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the talk show and television host shared that he does not want to host next year’s Oscars, in fear that his past will be used against him, just like it was for Kevin Hart.

“Oh no, I can’t host the Oscars,” Harvey said “Hell, if they won’t let Kevin Hart host the Oscars, how the hell are they going to let me host the Oscars? I don’t want to host the Oscars because I don’t want them digging up my past.”

Harvey is in  Bangkok, Thailand, preparing to host the Miss Universe competition.  The 61-year-old is reportedly thrilled to be hosting the show again after his blunder in 2015 when he announced the wrong winner’s name. He also hosted the show in 2016 and 2017.

“Who wouldn’t want this on your resume? It’s a great gig,” he added. “Other than the first time I did it, it’s been a great experience, you know?”