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Special Public Office In Baltimore Has Been Launched To Keep Black Men Out Of Prison

This week, Baltimore is supposed to launch the Office of African-American Male Engagement, which is designated to lower the recidivism rate for black men who are trapped in crime.

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Modeled after a similar social service project started in 2016 by the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland is scheduled to launch its version of the Office of African-American Male Engagement.

According to a recent online report by Nigel Roberts at News One, Baltimore mayor Cathrine Pugh will be opening the doors to this new initiative, which is sponsored by her office today (February 12).  Andrey Bundley will be heading up this new subdivision of the city government.

Bundley vacated his position as safety director for Baltimore City Public Schools to lead this new program, which is much-needed in a city where black men are involved in crime, killing each other in the streets, and going to jail at a rate that is one of the highest in the nation.