South Carolina Schools Close Early For Jay-Z and Beyonce OTR II Tour

The power of the #BeyHive just got that much stronger with having schools close early

The influence of Beyonce has reached many levels in the past, and it now embarks on another in South Carolina. On August 21st, students at six schools in will get to leave early in order to prepare for the Beyonce and Jay-Z tour.

Beyonce and Jay-Z performing during the OTR II
Photo: Getty Images

Officials within the Richland 1 School District said the area is expected to receive heavy traffic from the upcoming concert. The district said that they are worried that if the schools let out at their normal time than school buses may be caught in the chaotic traffic.

Richland 1 School District released statement in an email to all students and parents read as follows:

“The early dismissal schedule will help reduce the likelihood that buses with routes that go through or near that area will be delayed by the traffic.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On the Run II concert is being held at the University of South Carolina’s 80,000-sear foorball stadium.

This announcement comes only hours after the Governor of Minnesota officially proclaimed August 8th, “Beyonce and Jay-Z Day” in honor of their concert that took place that night. This is not the first time that recognized the Queen Bey in a major way, in May of 2016, Mark Dayton proclaimed May 23rd “Beyonce Day” to praise her Formation tour that year.