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Sorry, Ladies, He’s Taken! Man ‘Shoplifts To Raise Bail For His Wife Who Was Arrested For… SHOPLIFTING’

Sorry, ladies, he’s taken! 48-Year-Old Man shoplifts three packs of electronic wire worth $88 from a Florida Walmart to raise bail money for his wife who was arrested for… SHOPLIFTING’

‘File This Under “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”’

This is how police in Florida described the arrest of 48-year-old Brian Crume, who they say has shoplifted merchandise from a local Walmart to raise bail money for his wife, who had been arrested earlier for shoplifting.

According to a status update posted on the Winter Haven Police Department’s official Facebook page, Crume, of Wisconsin, was apprehended at around 4pm on October 19 for allegedly lifting three packs of electronic wire worth just under $88 from the Walmart on Cypress Gardens Boulevard in Winter Haven.

39d0b59f00000578-3882506-image-a-8_1477663133327When asked by the arresting officer why he stole the items, the 48-year-old man allegedly replied that he was planning to sell it on the street, the station WFLA first reported.

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