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Somebody At Newsweek Thought It Was OK To Tweet A Picture Of MLK Laying In A Coffin

After an irresponsible act of political incorrectness, Newsweek Magazine issued an apology after tweeting then deleting a dead picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 50-year anniversary of his death.


Photo credits: Kent State University | YouTube Screenshot

Newsweek Magazine is under fire for an extremely questionable and culturally insensitive social media snafu, which demeaned the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On New Year’s Day 2018, someone who works for Newsweek’s social media management crew used Twitter to post a deceased picture of Dr. King as he lay in a casket. The photo was posted around 3:30 p.m. EST.

The so-called responsible news publication took a chance by recklessly raising an online discussion about Dr. King weeks before his national holiday later this month on the 50th anniversary year of his assassination.

The photo caption contained some sarcastic words that added further insult to the already deplorable injury. “Has anyone seen my old friend Martin?” the photo caption read.

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