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Some Woman Think A Piece Of Man Is Better Than No Man

Some Woman Think A Piece Of Man Is Better Than No Man

The attitude of many women is, “Men will lie down with anything with a heartbeat.” That indictment may well be valid if the cheating man is only interested in a one-night stand. However, if he intends on maintaining an ongoing affair, specific requirements must be met, one of which is empathy. The other woman must be willing to accept his current relationship without “rocking the boat.” Most cheating men, especially the married ones, will come right out and tell her the details of his situation. With such a large number of women to choose from, the odds are in his favor. Many women today are so desperate for a man that they will accept that he’s married, living with another woman, or have several other women. As one woman told me, “A piece of man is better than no man!”


  • now Mike, as you know I am old school. numerous men have a 2nd family. the wife has all the legal rights and his being financially taken care of. the other concubine has children and financial support as well. all men do not disrespect their side-piece. they treat them decent. the wife may not know all the details, but she has a knowing. the wife is not going anywhere. why should she after giving her young life, children, and keeping the man straight to be financially stable? the sidepiece is hanging in there. she thinks he loves her and their children. I know one couple that had been married 25 years and the wife had 5 kids, they were finishing up high-school etc. she said he owed her the lifestyle she had become accustomed to and she wasnt going anywhere. the side-chick had put in time and wasnt going anywhere either. one day, I guess the hubby got confused. he made the wrong turn and the wife was in the car. all these lil kids came running up to the car, screaming, MY daddy, My daddy!!!! to be continued. LMAO

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