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Sixth Democratic Debate Live Now On CNN

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Meet For The First Debate Since The New Hampshire Primary.

Clinton is expected to energize her base supporter but also reach out to young voters, which have made up a core part of Sanders’ support.  The PBS News hour debate broadcast live on CNN debate is in partnership with Facebook. CNN has outlined five things they thing that everyone should look for…

  1. The race about race: Clinton’s first post-New Hampshire move was a swift bid to lock in her support among African-Americans.
  2. Revolution meets reality: The “political revolution” Sanders has called for is playing out in a way he never expected. No candidate in history has had his ability to go on national television and host a 30-second “fundraiser” by asking people to contribute on his website, and raise $6.3 million in 24 hours.
  3. Clinton’s youth outreach: The exit polls showed a number of trouble spots for Clinton’s campaign. She lost women. Democratic voters almost unanimously identified Sanders as more trustworthy and in touch with their problems. And she was beaten in every age group except those over 65

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