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Six Inmates Who Saved Sheriff Instead Of Escaping Will Have Sentences Reduced

The six prison inmates from Georgia who saved the life of a correctional officer who collapsed in the intense heat after suffering a heart attack, are to have their sentences cut by a quarter.

A correctional officer was providing security for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office while the prisoners carried out community service, cutting grass in a local cemetery when the man suddenly had trouble breathing.

The unidentified officer collapsed, but instead of making a run for it, the six inmates raced to help him, removing his bullet proof vest and then began to perform CPR.

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One of the inmates then dialed 911 to summon an ambulance.

Inmate Greg Williams said when the officer collapsed at first he stopped breathing.

He told¬† ‘When he started breathing again, it was just real heavy and real fast.

‘When that happened, in my opinion, it wasn’t about who is in jail and who wasn’t. It was about a man going down and we had to help him.’

Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats said: ‘That really speaks a lot about my officers too, how they treat these inmates. They treat them like people. Like family.’

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