Should I Tell His New Wife?

Should I Tell His New Wife?

I’ve been seeing this man for 4 yrs. I just found out Via FB that he was married 2yrs ago and we were together then. Needless to say my heart is beyond broken. I have been cheated on before but this makes me the other woman and I just found out yesterday! I know that we are done but what about her?

Do women really want to know there was another woman? Should I tell her? I just want to do the mature “right” thing and move on. What Do You Think I Should Do? ~ A Woman Scorned

Michael’s Advice

I know you are beyond pissed off! Who wouldn’t be? Even though you’ve moved on it’s understandable that you would feel hurt as well as a sense of responsibility to reach out to his wife. But here’s why I don’t think you should. First of all, ask yourself, how does it benefit you ruin his marriage? And second, she probably already knows she’s married to a cheater.

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