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Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Her New Body After Losing 25 Pounds On Sugar-Free Diet

Sherri Shepherd Debuts Her New Body In Skinny Jeans And Tank Top

By: Eboni Walker

While loving the skin you’re in is great, change is good and finding a nice healthy weight can better the lives of women everywhere.

Sherri Shepherd knows the importance of being at a healthy weight.

The TV personality revealed she was on a sugar-free diet and it has resulted in her losing 25 pounds.

Shepherd shared a picture on Instagram from her 260-day Keto diet.

Sherri Shepherd shares her amazing weight loss journey with her Instagram followers. A 260 day of no sugar has allowed her to shred 25 pounds in 8 months. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Instead of shredding pounds by getting with less butter and not eating meat, she decided to remove all sugar from her diet.

On Instagram, Shepherd rocked a pair of ripped skinny jeans, thigh-high boots, and a black tank top.