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Sex Toy Or Beauty Product: Can Men Tell The Difference?

Forget traditional mascara wands and hair brushes, recently, beauty tools have taken a turn for high-tech, resulting in a range of products that look more like sex toys than make-up items.

There are several reasons for this, including the similarities in the materials and technology used, as well as the high-end design sweeping both markets; in other words you could be forgiven for confusing certain sections of your local beauty bazaar for an X-rated adult store.

But if the purpose of certain products leave even the most seasoned beauty junkies baffled, just how well would the Average Joe do at working out which ones are for the face and which ones are for, well, a different place?

Six male staffers were put to the test in a new video, asked to pick out from several pairs of products which one was a beauty tool, and which had a slightly more saucy purpose. And while one earned a perfect score, most were only able to correctly identify half of the sex toys or less.

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