The Secret To A Happy Marriage?: It’s These FOUR Little Things, Scientists Say

The secret to a happy marriage: Small gestures make people feel more loved than big romantic declarations, scientists say

The secret to a happy marriage may be in making an effort with the small things.

Small gestures topped the list of things that make people feel loved, according to new research.

People agreed gestures such as snuggling with someone was more loving than someone simply saying, ‘I love you’, researchers found.

Over-the-top romantic gestures don’t make people feel loved and controlling behaviours – like someone wanting to know where they were at all times – were seen a quick way to lose a relationship.

Researchers from Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development found people were in agreement that there was more authenticity in loving actions than saying loving things.

‘We found that behavioural actions -rather than purely verbal expressions -triggered more consensus as indicators of love’, said postdoctoral research scholar Saeideh Heshmati.

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