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School In Utah Votes To Rename Itself After Mary Jackson, NASA’s First Black Female Engineer

An elementary school in Salt Lake City, Utah stripped its former name and will now be named after a black woman who was on the right side of history.

Photo credits: NASA Langley Research Center

A number of educational institutions in America have embarked on a mission to rid themselves of the ugly American legacy of slavery.

Unfortunately, many public schools at every grade level in federally recognized school districts across America are still named after people who supported the Confederacy of the South. Many schools are also named after former U.S. presidents who owned slaves.

The American dream of racial and cultural equality can never fully be recognized if a very dark part of this nation’s history is still being romanticized by mainstream society. This is why statues of historical figures like Confederate army general Robert E. Lee need to be taken down.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with educating our nation’s youth about who these people were and what side of history they were on. However, there is something wrong with lionizing these people and giving off the impression that people who were on the wrong side of American history deserve to be positively immortalized.