School Bans FitBits And Smartwatches To Stop Girls From Under Eating

A girls school has pulled the plug on FitBits and other fitness trackers, and will forbid students from wearing them over fears they were obsessing over calories.

Deputy headteacher Cindi Pride tells the Telegraph, “[W]e found that some girls would monitor the number of steps they had taken and the number of calories they had used. If they didn’t feel they had taken enough steps in the morning they wouldn’t eat lunch. We don’t need our girls to be counting calories.”

The educator added, “They are young women who are fit and healthy and they do exercise and PE and do not need to be obsessed with steps of calories.”

What’s more, when the school’s 860 students return in September, they’ll find smartphones have also been banned. In a letter to parents, assistant headteacher Nadine Moore blamed FOMO: “Whilst for many young people Fear of Missing Out may not be a problem, for others it is causing them distress in the form of anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.”

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