San Francisco Has $400/week Transgender Day Camp For Kids As Young As 4

At Rainbow Day Camp however, a focus was placed on helping the children grow comfortable with their gender identity.

There were no gender specific bathrooms, with all of the children – including 15 percent who were cisgender (meaning they identify with the gender they were born in) – using the same facilities.

‘In order to teach about gender inclusion and equity, we made all bathrooms all gender bathrooms. The school has one single all gender bathroom as well,’ founder Sandra Collins told on Monday.

While most of the children who attended identified as gender fluid or trans, cisgender children are just as welcome, she said.

‘From the beginning we wanted the camp to have cisgender campers- especially siblings or friends – to attend. They must be supportive allies however.

‘Most of the camp is gender diverse, around 85%,’ Collins added.

On one particular day, staff focused on the ‘gender affirmative’ approach which helps children go from living as the gender they were biologically born with to the one they identify with until they are old enough to decide on physically transitioning.

It is one of the only camps in the world which caters to preschool age children who have come out as transgender.

Experts expect more to be created in the near future as more children continue to reveal themselves to be transgender at a young age.

Among the children who attended this year’s camp in San Francisco was six-year-old Gracie Maxwell who was born male.

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