‘Russia has just thrown the election to Trump’: Leaked Emails Suggest Flynn Didn’t Act Alone

Leaked transition emails suggest that Flynn didn’t act alone when he ‘broke the law by speaking to Russia while Obama was still in power’

Newly uncovered emails suggest that – despite claims by the White House – ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was not acting alone when he talked to Russia prior to Donald Trump assuming office.

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Flynn spoke to Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak while the Obama administration was in power – which is illegal under the 1799 Logan Act – and later lied about doing so to the FBI.

The White House said that he had gone rogue, but the emails – obtained by The New York Times – appear to show Trump’s transition team, including Flynn, discussing tactics for keeping Russia on-side before he would enter office.

And at one point then-transition team member KT McFarland, who worked closely with the disgraced adviser, says that Russia ‘has just thrown USA election to [Trump]’.

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