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Rumor Has It That Beyonce And Jay Z Are Planning Another Tour Together

After five years, the word is circulating again about a joint Beyonce and Jay Z tour. Fans are definitely here for it.

Photo credits: Mason Poole for the Picture Group and Parkwood Entertainment

In 2013, the Jayonce music fans got the news of a lifetime when rumors first started flying around about Black Hollywood’s First Couple doing a summer tour together.

As the hysteria heightened, the Jayonce minions of the world waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, in 2014, an official announcement came from Jay Z and Beyonce’s camp, which confirmed that the On the Run co-headlining tour featuring the power couple would begin on June 25th.

The two superstars had just wrapped up their own solo tours prior to the announcement and secured some hefty bags separately on their own. However, the bag that the two would go on to secure together in the summer of 2014 was far from shabby as well. Teamwork makes the dream work.