Rolling Stone Named President Obama One Of America’s Most Historically Successful Presidents

Rolling Stone Named President Obama One Of America’s Most Historically Successful Presidents

Writer Paul Krugman beautifully breaks down why all the Obama-bashing is ill-suited and “misguided”.  Critics from all angles tear apart the Obama administration but in the Rolling Stone article, Krugman wants to come to the defense of Barack Obama, even crowning him as one of our most successful presidents.  

In the article, Krugman breaks down Obama’s presidency into six parts: financial reform, health care, social, economical and environmental changes and national security.


Here’s an excerpt from the Rolling Stone article written by Paul Krugman:

In Defense of Obama

The Nobel Prize-winning economist, once one of the president’s most notable critics, on why Obama is a historic success

Obama faces trash talk left, right and center – literally – and doesn’t deserve it.

Despite bitter opposition, despite having come close to self-inflicted disaster, Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history. His health reform is imperfect but still a huge step forward – and it’s working better than anyone expected. Financial reform fell far short of what should have happened, but it’s much more effective than you’d think.


      • Guess we know what happened to the grade school pot smoking dropouts.
        When did RS change to Comedy/Satire? That’s like reclassifying Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell as patriots.

        • I agree!!! Obama SUCKS!!! Worst president of ALL time!!! RS really dropped the ball on this one, like most of the media today!!

          • You’re not that bright or educated are you, Stevie?

            You are what is called a L.I.P. That’s a low information person. There are so many of you nowaday. A few more are on this thread. It’s so depressing

            You don’t know anything about American history and the preceding presidents if you can utter something like that.

            Turn of the TV. Read a book. Have you ever heard of Richard Nixon or U.S. Grant or Herbert Hoover or GW Bush or James Buchannon?

          • You gotta be kidding me! George W was the worst of all time! Invading Iraq was one of the dumbest mistakes ever. Look how that turned.

          • It’s always funny when some right wing whacko pronounces Obama the worst president of all time simultaneously with providing no objective scale for that claim. In comparing Obama with his immediate predecessor – who sent the country into a deep depression, lied to lead us into a foolish war, and couldn’t be bothered to find Osama bin Laden – Obama was a shining beacon of rational thought who worked successfully to fix these problems (though Dubya’s stupid war keeps on giving a decade later). Say you don’t like him, say you simply think he is the worst president of all time because he is the blackest president of all time – at least that would be honest – but if you want to look like a fool, just say what you did.

          • No! Our duly elected American, Christian president does not suck and I think you’re a judgemental bigot that doesn’t have any deep learning of US Civics. President Barack Obama is a gifted scholar with sympathies to minorities and low income people. He knows law and can handle most of his opposition single handedly without calling names, bullying or hiding behind his party. Really great President.

          • why does he suck? Please cite credible proof for your statement. Not from Breitbart or Fox News or other conservative, right wing sources, but real, fact based sources. If you can’t do that, then your opinion is meaningless.

          • Just because you feed your brains with nothing more than Fox News and republican propaganda
            does not make you an expert on politics and the presidential office. If anyone was the worse President of all time it would have to be George w. Bush the person who caused the recession to begin with all for his own agenda of stealing their oil . JOB well Done OBAMA!!!!

          • You are a hateful ignorant jealous threatened person who cannot tolerate that one of the best presidents we’ve had just happens to be black.

          • So does Rolling Stone! George you must be a teen aged punk, cause you sure don’t know squat! It doesn’t take a lot of smarts, eventually to appease your pinhead mind! There has NEVER been a more destructive Administration in our history, unless you want to throw in Hitler! They are a good comparison! Obama, and money man Soros have supported and gave rioters money, housing, & etc. They and organizers have a lot of Policemen deaths on their heads. I would be ashamed to call myself a Democrat!

          • Get over it! Many people in this country and abroad are baffled at your blatant disdain for this BLACK President of the USA. He never stood a chance! Thank you, Rolling Stone!

          • How about backing up your statement with a few facts Stevie?????? Does President Obama suck because he is indeed the blackest President of all time??

          • Lol, what an idiotic statement repeating idiots words. Based on what?! George W, the puppet of greed and war mongers by far was the worst.

          • What exactly has he done to make you think that? When he became President, you were paying around $4 a gallon for gasoline. The stock market nearly crashed. Our automobile industry was on life support. The international community hated us. Unemployment was 8.5%. Interest rates were about 8% to finance a car or new home. Bush started 2 wars by borrowing heavily from China. With interest. 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch. Everything I mentioned happened on Bush’s watch.
            Obama: the automobile industry is healthy and thriving. Wall Street is soaring! Gas prices are half of what it was under Bush. Unemployment is around 4%. Interest to purchase a home or automobile is around 4%. There hasn’t been another 9-11. Incomes are up. We are respected in the International community. Which of these do you not like?

          • So, begin writing your own article and describe all of the things that make President Obama the “worst president of ALL time”. I’ll let you borrow a post-it note to put it on.

          • Did you READ the article….or just making a snap judgement?? Do you know that the REPUBLICANS had on their agenda, right at the beginning of OBAMA’S presidency, that they would BLOCK everything that he proposed…even when what PRESIDENT OBAMA wanted would have been for the GOOD OF THE USA???


        • You’ll always have some creep in the mix that can’t handle the truth. Thanks Rolling Stone for finally having the backbone to put the truth out there. President Obama has been the Best yet!

        • Why is it? There is always someone has to say negative stuff??? Please stop the negative remarks, this is what is wrong with our American People, try to look at the positive side in any situation? You might feel a little better.

    • I think most of the naysayers in the following comments, do not realize that the Republicans, not the President, and mostly responsible for the slow recovery. On the day he was sworn in, the Republicans met in Washington, and agreed to do everything in their power to make sure nothing Obama did got passed or considered. That is fact. Newt Gingrich is on youtube admitting it. Mitch McConnell stated if you remember, that his entire effort was focused on making sure Obama was a one term president. He should have been chased out of Washington. That is not in the job description.

      • First off, Oblameo had a DEMOCRATIC controlled house and Senate when he was first elected. They passed Obamacare with a “simple majority,” which is illegal under the Constitution. Secondly, this caused many businesses to downsize due to the taxes associated with Obamacare. Thirdly, Oblameo has raised the debt ceiling more times than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT EVER. Our national credit rating is in the toilet thanks to Oblameo. Also, he hasn’t created one single job EVER since becoming president. What are his “achievements?” Playing golf and lying. That’s about it.

          • So if we disagree it’s hate? This guy was a total failure as a president. I bet you dislike Trump huh? So it’s OK for you to disagree but we are not allowed? I was laid off twice under his presidency directly related to his policies. My insurance went through the roof, ISIS is growing rapidly, Benghazi was a total failure. Just admit it it wouldn’t matter what he did wrong or to who, you would still love him because you are blinded by the cult of personality. It’s what libs do if we disagree we must be racist or haters. At least we don’t cause riots when we don’t get our way. Mark my words when Trump wins libs will riot and burn cars and buildings.

          • You best pray for ALL Americans. We have never needed it more in all our history prior Obama

          • Typical denial of the left. Anytime anybody disagrees with you they, must be wrong, racist, bigots or just plain stupid. You liberals need to pull your heads out of your. . . and open your eyes. Just because some body disagrees does not mean that they are driven by hate. It seems to be common practice for liberals to call names and try to belittle their opposition. As for Obama being the best president ever ,for who foreigners or Americans? How about him taking care of oh, I don’t know, maybe the homeless vets and civilians, instead of giving countries that hate America and our way of life,billions of dollars and aid. That kind of money would take care of our own. That should be his first and, only thought as the President of the UNITED STATES. Then maybe help those that would appreciate it.

          • and that why no one listens to you when you jibber jabber. You really must learn to back up your arguments with facts. Like your friend Russel up there did. Otherwise you just come across like some Chick writer Making up a Rape story to sell to college co eds. Once you make that mistake the only thing you have left is puss pieces about a guy doing a job you apparently know nothing about. Its kinda like diggin the whole deeper from wence you were shur no more depth could be had.

          • The country is in a better place than 9 years ago. Deny that then this debate will never get off the ground.

          • The only big difference with Obama debt, and Bush is: money stays in the country on social prgrams, with Bush: money went to the toilet on a stupid war, and inside the pockets of small elite. Big differences reason why economy is booming now, and reps jealousy is uncontrollable.

        • Interest rates are the lowest in 5 generations and that is because there is an insatiable demand for our government bonds since foreigners think this is the safest place on the planet to park money.

          • “Insatiable demand” for our bonds would drive interest rates UP, not down. Only Wall Street is doing well in Obama’s economy because the Fed has been propping it up with Quantitative Easement. Financial reform? What a joke!

        • When a bill is brought before Congress and passed by a majority then it becomes law. So please tell us what was illegal about that. We all would like to know. As far as the changes to business, change is always difficult and people always complain about it. But once the change has come and gone and everyone gets used to it then those changes become part of the regular routine. Since you are a business owner then you can tell us how much your tax burden changed and how much that caused you to downsize. As far as the debt ceiling goes, it was going to go up in a manner never before witnessed no matter who became the next president. In 2006 the most sweeping tax cuts ever signed into law was done and during a war that was costing more than 10 billion dollars a month that we had no business being in at all. Not to mention those monster tax cuts were signed in to law without one single adjustment to the budget to offset the serious lack of revenue the government was going to incur. In 2008 the federal government collected less than 1/4 the amount of revenue as it did in 2005 before the tax cuts. Add to that the bank bailouts and you have what was one a balanced budget turned into almost 2 trillion dollars of debt in only 8 years with much more to come because of those tax cuts. But considerable work has been done to address this problem and despite the congress and their well documented obstruction that has created the least effective congress in the history of our country, the defict has been lowered significantly. The deficit has been reduced for 6 years in a row which started at 1.4 trillion in 2009 and is now down to 468 billion in 2015. And that was done without little help from congress if any.

          • FACTS, Alan are so difficult for some Americans to grasp. I believe that is due to the continous eroding of our schools during all those years we had a GOP run government! Your comments were ‘SPOT ON’ but can The Faux Infotainment America recognize & absorb it?

          • Great job and well said, it’s 2016 and we America needs to unite and stop the hate and prosper like the Great Nation we are.

          • Someone with a brain not ruled by hate and the latest news feeds purchased by the haters….we can only pray that some of these illiterate nasty haters will actually buy and read a real book and not listen to meme’s and rhetoric designed to keep the verbiage hostile to a man who has tried to do right by the american public….Thank you Mr. President and know those of us who get it will miss you the rest will in retrospect…

          • Alan, where are you getting your information? Everything I’ve read says our national debt is somewhere around $18 trillion. I am a moderate but I have to say that arguments like this lead me to side with the Conservative element. It feels like both sides are attacking each other but the Liberal side posts false facts while accusing the Conservative element of doing just that or not having facts to back up their arguments at all. What is your source?
            I apologize in advance for name calling but the liberal arguments presented here are super hypocritical. It doesn’t sell your ideas very well.

          • deficit at 22 trillion, that’s how good he is, All while economy is failing. Good job Obama

          • Will you respect Trump as President? How about Bush? Did you respect him? Sheep you are all sheep.

        • I doubt you really want to know, but you might count as achievements the Lilly Ledbetter Act, Lower unemployement, lower rate of uninsured, Osama bin Laden out of power, reduced graft in government contracts, reduced the ties between carbon energy companies and the government, banned personal gifts to government executives, the list goes on and on. . . .

          • Add to his list of accomplishments the Fair sentencing act reducing the racial disparities in crime/sentencing let in the door by the Clinton Crime Bill. And the final resolution of the long standing discrimination lawsuit the nation’s Black farmers had against the Department of Agriculture for withholding subsidies given to white farmers and denied to others. Little known actions making this president a champion or social justice as well.

        • Excellent post, and dead nuts accurate. It’ll probably cause the delusional drones on this thread to blow an o-ring but who cares…it’s the truth.

        • Don’t lie and post untruths. Learn Civics and US Government in high school and 1st year college. Lastly, do your research and become informed and involved. I’m sure you will change your tune. Statistically, over 85% of eligible voters do not get informed, just take what politicians and media post, much of it erroneous.

        • Russell, he has achieved far more than most people realize. He was put in the position of president in order to destroy America and he’s almost completed his task. This was the work of the ‘Elites’ – His Puppet Masters.
          The last time Americans voted the vote was rigged. In at least one instance there was more votes for Obama than voters living there. How could that happen? He has become more and more brazen as time goes on and has openly, during a speech, declared that he’s a Muslim. He’s also said that if it comes to it, he’ll side with the Muslims and “There’s no sweeter sound than the call to prayer” I am so dismayed when I see that in spite of all the damage he’s done to America, some people STILL trust him and admire him. So sad.

          • Anne . Well said .
            America is the greatest country in the world . Lets change it . Why ? Why would you want to change a Rolls Royce into a yugo ? He’s managed that . BLM movement totally rascist . Hanging with race baiters . Decrease the debt by 4 million . Make bobble head Al pay his taxes . Refugees , siding with muslims , praising thugs like Trayvon Martin as a son . Sending representatives to Michael Browns funeral . Setting race relations back to before Christ in my opinion . Thats the tip of changing America . Prob. the 1st. homeless Pres . in history . Past pres . went to thier homes for vacation already set up as a satellite White House . Minimal sec . Hawaii millions in rentals and security and transportation plus the upset to those areas .

          • Anne,

            Your “facts” sound like they come from Opposite World where up is down, in is out etc. Not one single iota of your rhetoric can be documented, verified or has any relationship to objective, factual reality. How do I discuss Obama’s presidency with someone like you!

        • Just because you spew unintelligent crap does not make it accurate. The uniemployment rate is lower then it has been since he took the office from your beloved George Bush that raised the debt ceiling making it impossible to menuever for the first couple of years of Obamas Obama’s presidency. But thanks for sharing your uninformed opinions.

          • U3 is about the same as it was in when the president took office – about 5%. U6 is higher than when the president took office – about 10%. Real unemployment is much higher now than when President Obama was inaugurated 23% vs 15%. Also I don’t think you understand the debt ceiling, who raises it, and the consequences of either raising it or not raising it.

        • Russell — Unemployment is down from almost 9% to less than 5% so he has created jobs…More people have health insurances than ever in our nation’s history … He has taken fewer vacation days than any president in recent history… So, those are the actual “facts” of which you speak. So…What else have you got?

        • Please do some FACTUAL research on what you say about Obama raising the debt ceiling. I guarantee you’ll never say that again.

        • Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court, so definitely not illegal. I have not heard ONE report of businesses downsizing due to it. Raising the debt ceiling is done as a matter of course in every administration. When the Republicans refused to do it and shut the government down, THAT’s what caused the debt rating to drop. Over 70 months in a row of job growth. Check a jobs report.

        • Good start, Russell. I agree with these statements, and let me add a few more:

          Under B.H.O., we have seen a marked increase in persecution of the Christian faith, a marked DECREASE in respect for the Constitution, a marked DECREASE in respect for our Nation (viz, the refusal to respect our National Anthem), a marked INCREASE in acceptance of perverse lifestyles (homosexual and transgender, e.g.), and a marked INCREASE of acceptance of ideologies that are blatantly devoted to the destruction of America. There has also been a blatant demonstration of DISRESPECT for the nation of Israel by the current President, much more than any preceding President has ever shown.

          My dislike of this President has NOTHING to do with his skin color. I’d elect a purple person (if one existed) who was loyal to our Constitution, a friend of Israel, an enemy of our enemies, and who was not hell-bent on establishing a socialist state here.


      • Obama was elected and had a completely Democratic Congress. HOW on earth could the Republicans keep anything from being passed. Remember. ‘Elections have consequences” and “Republicans can sit in the back of the bus”?

        Yes, he may have accomplished a few things, but it took lies and help from the Democratic (we have to read it before we can know what is in it – Pelosi about ACA) So what has he done for me?

        1) Unemployed due to layoffs w/ no unemployment benefits
        2) Over $1300 vs $500 in insurance premium
        3) Lost all but one of my doctors/specialist

        Absolutely nothing done for the job producers in this country but he has managed to blame the naysayers for his incompetence!

        This article is a joke!

        • All of your problems are due to what the CEO’s did to take advantage of the blockages and loopholes Republicans punched into the Presidents programs. The same happened to my wife. It was all done to keep and put more money in their pockets at your expense, and her bosses said as much. They lowered their expenses and could try to make it look it was the Democratic programs (that the Republicans stripped of anything helpful) were the cause.

      • Obama had two years of a Democratic majority in the house and senate. During these 2 years littlw to nothing were accomplished. Fed up Americans voted in Republicans, which dis nothing to improve our government. Its been nearly 8 years and most Americans are worse off today than they were in 2008. Its been a $#!+ sandwhich and he will not be remembered for anything other than worse than Jimmy Carter.

      • He tried the same going they did In 1932. It took 12 years and a world war to get us past that fiasco. Hope he does not start WW3 to get out of this. Reagan did the exact opposite in 81 and we were going 90 mph in a year. Think who was right?!!when republicans controlled nothing, that’s what demoncrats git done, nothing!

      • WELL SAID, John. I think that it will be very appropriate to say that the REPUBLICANS are the CAUSE of just about everything that hasn’t gone the right or best way for the USA…based on what their agreement was ….to go against EVERYTHING that President Obama proposed!! SOME Republicans have now “copped” up to this and said that their decision was WRONG!! I 100% AGREE with them in that regard!!

      • And history repeats it self with the Democrats (and with commentary in the media)Trump will continue to battle the Democrats and the false narrative of the media .Liberals will never abandon their pay book.Every opponent that does agree with their ideology are anti_________(fill in the blank with the current narrative. Democrats will never win the White House again with their current tactics .

    • You think he’s a great president or anyone else for that matter needs to pull your head out of your pathetic ass , Freaking morons.

      • Not a fan of minorities?

        There seem to be a lot of people calling themselves Republican because it’s a nicer word than racist. I thought maybe that was unfair until this election cycle.

        But the party of Trump has definitely made me rethink giving anyone who blankety bashes the president without any real facts the benefit of the doubt. He hasn’t been the best president but he sure isn’t the worst.

        • by far he is the worst and the facts are right before your eyes unless you are living in the Hollywood Hills somewhere. We live with the facts of his failures and lacko f leadership every single day!!

          • The typical “I have nothing constructive to say” response. “The facts are right before your eyes . . .”, “Look around you! Are you blind? . . .”,”Open your eyes . . .”. Of course we can see, and obviously WE see more than you choose to. Like, BOTH SIDES!

    • Now this is the funniest thing I have read all year!! Apparently you don’t live in Missouri where Ferguson residents burned down their town over racism and Missouri taxpayers got to pay for their little temper tantrum you apparently have NO family in law enforcement and Obama can talk trash about Trump and how being a President is not a reality show HOWEVER as America watched Ferguson being burned to the ground where was Obama…….filming a reality show!!! Since when is it ok for his butt buddy Sharpton to owe the IRS millions however the regular hard working American has to pay every dime they owe to the IRS or they get harassed and liens filed. What documentation proves that this POS deserves this recognition!!! This must be a Saturday night live joke!!!!

      • I feel sorry for you. So full of garbage. I cannot believe you are actually an adult. Let me remind you..FOX NEWS IS NOT REAL. The fact you are saying all this bull online just let’s me know you are neither intelligent enough or mature enough to handle the responsibility of voting. Do this country a favor and stay away from the voting booth…

      • You bring up Ferguson as if it has any real relevance to any thing but neglect the fact that Flint is the real tragedy cause by who? Yes you know who. Alsharpton really? his yearly salary doesn’t even come close to the amount of money Trump receives in tax breakes. You sir are a true racist congrats your mother raised you right. Let’s all applaud this guys mother????

      • Should any God you believe in choose to punish us by allowing Trump to be president, do you REALLY think he will devote his undivided attention to the country, and ignore his businesses? He’s already clueless on how the real world works. He thinks running a government is like running his business interests. And believe me, legal or not, he would try to run both.
        No one helps to keep guns in a safe manner and it’s ALL the presidents fault?

      • Trump owes them same dam taxes stfu please! You can’t support your argument arguing things that the people you are for are doing as well Trump stood in front of America during a presidential debate and bragged that he doesn’t pay taxes! Idk about you but I pay dam near 200$ in taxes per pay check so anybody bragging about not paying them can suck balls!!!

    • Barack Obama Lists on TheTopTens.com

      This report comes up first on an organic Google search. And he was selected as number 1 worst President in History.
      The 4 searches below this search he was in top 10 of worst as well.
      I think Rolling Stone may be in bed with the Potus.

      • When you google a subject, it provides an array of positive and negative results. You googled this and selected whichever article suited your fantasy, moron!

    • Obama is the reason why our country is in such termoil because this idiot. Backing killary is another issue, this country is doomed if she wins.
      Rolling Stone magazine is all for the elites owning this country and running it down to the level of a third world country.

    • President Obama’s legacy would have been greater if the Republicans had “been for the country, and not against the color of the President’s skin”. From day one the Republicans vowed to be against everything the President was for, they kept their promise..

    • Isn’t Rolling Stone the magazine that just lost a libel lawsuit for lying about the Virginia Tech rape case? Only asking.

  • Only a rag like this would think he’s been successful. This president has divided this country like no other, the deficit has increased astronomically, our borders are not safe or secure, more people are on government assistance than ever before, the Fast and Furious debacle, the IRS investigation, the lack of support for our troops are all pathetic. But other than that….

    • You idiots let your prejudices get ahead of your common sense, that is if you ever had any. Check the statistics. When President Obama came into office, we were going into a second Great Depression. Gas was almost $4.00 a gallon, unemployment was headed toward 15%, and the Dow Jones was just over 10,000. Now unemployment I at a 20 year low, gas is just over $1 and the Dow is at an all time high. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. I could go on but he could give you bastards a million apiece, and you would still drag his name in the mud. Trust me, you will get a chance to miss him.

      • There are some huge IDIOTS on here. Most of all the idiot that wrote this article for Rolling Stone!!! When Obama’s refugees become his army and start killing Americans that disagree with them or just killing Americans that won’t turn the is the Islam!!!! His ISIS that he is the leader of start killing maybe you idiots will wake up!!! But I doubt it your all so stupid!!!!!! Maybe the killing of you idiots and us with brains can take over and stop them!!!!! Man a terrorist in our White House the number one threat to our country and you idiots think he is wonderful !!! Only true Americans that love our country are smart enough to see it!!!!!!!! Wake up idiots wake up!!!!!!!

        • Whats really crazy is you bigots and racists actually think you are the American majority. You are not. You are what is wrong with America. And we are smart enough to keep you in the woods and the trailer parks and not in the white house. America elected Obama not once but twice. Hillary Clinton will be the next president and you still won’t get it . Donald Trump’s use of hate and Islamic boogeyman tales to terrorize the academically challenged is our greatest national security concern. Suggestion: circle the trailers, raise the confederate flag and elect Trump over your Amerikkka. Do it near the Mexican border and since Trump has promised you a wall, we will build it for you. Given your love for Mexicans I’m sure they will welcome your permanent residence there.

          • I have read your post! Laughing with my morning coffee! You are the epitome of ignorance. Where is your trailer park trash mind? How much were you paid, where did you get your information comma, keep it coming,,!!! Great laugh for the morning

        • Wow. Seriously. Are you serious..This is the nuttiest thing on this nutty thread. Obama’s refugees becoming his army. Killing Americans. Jesus Christ. Are you an American? I cannot believe people who think like this actually exist. I’ve never met one in person. I think I would run screaming. I just had an awesome evening of music, great food, and friends.. You are no American. We are so tired of crazy people. Please, go away and leave this awesome country.. You don’t deserve to be here.

      • U tell those close minded bastards again..they don’t get it..they have so much hate 4 Obama. .that’s why the Republicans will never make it back 2 the white house because of all the hate..HATE NEVER WIN !!!!

      • First Obama had nothing to do with the price’s of Gas , that is regulated by OPEC , He did try to make a change though by raising the Tax on a barrel of Oil by $10.00 which in turn would raise prices . how long does he thing OPEC is going to let oil be sold at such low prices? Unemployment by the Gov statistics , in reality it is much higher as they do not factor in those that are no longer eligible for Unemployment payments , those that have just given up looking , They also factor in part time work , many companies have changed most of their employees to part time to get out of having to pay for Insurance , ordered by Obamacare , in turn they give the person 2 different job titles allowing them to work 60 hrs instead of 40 hrs plus overtime ( Thus them getting more work for less pay ) so keep believing everything the Party’s and the Government tells you , They are the Trouble in the first place.

      • Hahaha. Gas was 1.81 per gallon here in Georgia. So I don’t know where you get that from. SO right from the get go, you lied about gas prices. With regard to unemployment, it is easy to drop the unemployment rate when you change the way you calculate unemployment. To don’t stop counting people who drop out of the workforce, except in Obama’s America. And the unemployment rate was never 15 percent unless over 10 percent qualifies it as approaching 15 percent. So unemployment is actually not at a 20 year low. With regard to the Dow Jones… Perhaps you have never heard of quantitative easing. It is a practice where the government prints money and purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply. Hmmm. Kinda looks familiar doesn’t it? And to an earlier poster talking about how the money invested in our stock market demonstrates the world believing in the strength of our economy?!?! Hahaha. You could not be more wrong. The strength of the dollar dwindles daily. Lastly, the only way Obama could give me a million dollars is first he would have to take it from people, that would include you. And I have rebutted all your points without calling you one name, something you were incapable of doing.

      • The fact is statistically speaking Fox News has more followers than any other, it is the most trusted for the news, it is number 1 in the world. That is the truth so where did you get your information?

        • Reagan supplied weapons and had the CIA train the group that has become ISIS. And past presidents have sent money and supplies to other countries that support terrorists. You need to do some research before you make a bunch of lies.

      • I totally agree with you! Keep in mind, haters will always be hating no matter what. I sure will miss our President Obama.

      • These are the people that did not vote for President Obama,& the ones that feel just like trump and the republican party. What gets me is they will be quick to say In God we trust! And God was not a God of hate. So I pray that the God I serve delivery them from there hateful ways and harden hearts.

    • Divisive only because he brought out all the closet racists and ultra conservative parrots like yourself. A self defeating agenda of obstructionism, intolerance and overall crazy talk that will keep the Republican party out of the White House for some time. Record deficit fixing the damage caused by Bush and bank deregulation. I’m sorry, our borders were safe and secure before Obama? What a joke blaming any of that on him.

    • He did divide the country. By not doing what the Republicans wanted. He should have not gotten a health care bill passed. He should have let the auto industry fail and go out of business. He should not have extended unemployment insurance for millions of those affected by the depression. Screw those guys. We made our money. If they are not rich, that is their problem.
      He should have let the Bush tax cuts lap for the workers, and give more tax cuts to the “job creators” who were doing a wonderful job of creating jobs. He should have went to war with Iran. And Syria. And Sudan. And most of the world. We can take them . We deserve to rule the world and take anything we want.

    • Phillip:
      “The deficit has increased astronomically”

      No dear, that would be the National Debt you are referring to, and most of the blame for that falls on Bush and his multi-trillion dollar unpaid wars.

      Obama has slashed the deficit to a fraction of what it was under Bush.

      Those are the facts which I wish wingnuts like you would bother to learn.

      Please, learn something. Learn the actual FACTS, instead of what you are being fed by FAUX NEWS.

    • Phillip, the political ideology YOU support divided this country. The smart saw clearly that the republican led senate did more damage to this country fighting the president on EVERY issue, even shutting down the government instead of meeting and governing. You know, bi-partisan debate and compromise, or DEMOCRACY as the smart people call it. Smart people saw George Bush de-regulate the markets allowing chumps to make illegal specs destroying many an Americans pensions and 401K’s. Bush de-regulated the banks so they could set ridiculous interest rates, give illegal loans and cause a real estate crash that took the homes of millions of hard working Americans. The stupid people, such as yourself, have no clue what is going on with our government. The rich who own you, your masters, don’t want you to know how they are screwing you. They are liars. They just want you to spew the same nonfactual, baseless garbage they are telling you to believe. Want you to live scared. In fear. Think the borders are not safe when numbers show more Mexicans are LEAVING this country than sneaking in. That the biggest threat to our country is not illegal immigration, but corporate greed. See, you had no clue about that, did you? It’s amazing how propaganda works. Yes Rolling Stone is a rag, has been for a long time now, but to read what you are thinking means you pay attention to media much worse than Rolling Stone.

  • I won’t be buying rolling stone magazine anymore.
    You support someone who wants to turn our constitution from its original version to a progressive constitution and that is called perversion of our constitution.

      • You should care Dana. Let me guess. You are a young “feel entitled” liberal who has no idea what America stands for. Obama has made a mockery of the office and is the worse president in history.

      • Yeah you yeah you should Dana!!!!! I bet you’re one of the idiots that want sharia law enjoy wearing your burka stupid!!!! You are a moron Dana wake up Obama is a Muslim and is destroying our country on purpose he is our number one enemy stupid wake up before you have somebody standing over you telling you except allah or die!!!!! Obama is a terrorist wake up!!!! Oh and by the way I’m not a racist I would vote for Ben Carson I’m just an American that wants my country back it’s not the color of his skin It’s the evil in his heart!!!!!

      • Dana, you’d better start caring – before they come to you house with sheaths. Obama told us up front that he woild stand by the muslims if the political winds shift in a bad direction. He’s made that shift happen and he proves to us every day that it’s the muslims that he cares about. We simply cannot continue being this uninformed or disinterested. Please turn some news on or start studying the internet. Our country is in more danger than we’d like to believe.

    • If McCain had been elected in 2008, or Romney in 2012, you would not be posting anything. No job. No money for bills. No electricity. No food. You would probably be dead in the fiasco.

    • The original version of the Constitution was what? product of the genius of the country’s founding fathers? Not…….According to Constitutional scholars the perversion began when the architects of the Constitution borrowed heavily from the governance doctrine that existed among the Six Nations forming the Iroquois Confederacy. You need to understand history before trying to become a scholar.

  • Are you frickin’ joking? Fire that numbnutz. Obama is a traitor and anyone who tries to paint him as something else is one as well. I can’t vote you out but I sure as hell can vote with my pocketbook. You idiots don’t get another penny of my money. Goodbye and good riddance.

        • “You can’t fix stupid…” is probably the best commentary on most of the replies on this article. No matter how many facts you present, how much proof you provide, the racists and bigots and propaganda fed ingrates of this country will never concede that any Democrat, much less a black Democrat, has done any good for America. Despite the evidence, despite the fact we are in a better place than we have been for two decades.

          The America that these people want is a segregated, lawless hellhole.

    • I’m sure there is a reason you don’t have the courage to show of picture of yourself to go along with your tough talk. That’s usually the way with bigots.

  • Someone needs to call for medical help as Rolling Stone has received severe brain damage from the stone rolling over their head. Obama made have had good intentions but he has failed as a president. His efforts were that of a dictator and not of a person who was ELECTED to serve the people. Once he is out of office we can begin to erase his failures as a president.

  • always knew I was right to never associate with any kind of dealings with such a trashy publication, looked it over one time way back when carter gave away the panama canal and all the excuses by this media as to why it was right,,, this medis is good only for puppy training

    • “Carter gave away the Panama Canal…”
      Wow. Just… wow. That may be the most ignorant comment I’ve seen in a long while. I’d exhort you to get educated but I know I’d simply be wasting my time.
      Suffice to say not only are you wrong, you are SO wrong it is painful to behold.

    • We accomplished?! You mean the slaves? Sorry… but the “good old days” were only good for a very select few. This country is slowly and painfully headed in the right direction, and that infuriates the privileged.

      • Lmfao pmsl..I’m just reading and laughing at the arguments. Don’t yall know you can’t argue with the left? They are sheep fed BS and lies and just absorb and move on. They are the entitlement, safe place generation who has been coddled too much, sure some will wake up and realize Obama has virtually done NOTHING other than stir racial tension between ALL Americans, apologized bowed down had ZERO intestinal fortitude on ANY subject other than his own agenda which is divide Americans, make the US weak nationally and internationally, make our kids stupid with common core math only promote liberal speech in colleges. I’m confident in saying he WILL go into history books but as the WORST president IN HISTORY! the only president NEVER to see at least a 3% growth in ANY year of his presidency and for those libs, they’re all corrupt dems reps, if they call themselves politicians THEY’RE CORRUPT! THEY ALL NEED TO BE VOTED OUT AND CHANGED REGULARLY! They have been WAY to comfortable collecting 6 figure salaries for doing NOTHING! and no I’m not racist I have a family member from EVERY nationality and I hate no one but terrorists who prey on the weak and kill for different view points other than their own. DIFFERENT THINKING is WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GREAT AND INSPIRES PEOPLE! THE U.S. IS ABOUT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY NOT EQUAL RESULTS. You and your effort, intelligence, heart and mind determines your worth not race religion sexual prefrences. So get OVER yourselves and press on rub some damn dirt on it suck it up and drink water go and cry in your safe place whatever you need to do but wake the heck up and pull your heads out and make a dang contribution, people will always disagree over some point so don’t get OFFENDED absorb learn research (all view points) think outside the box inspire then prove yourself worthy and not entitled

        • You have horrible grammar and spelling. I can’t take you seriously if you can’t even form a proper sentence let alone spell. Sad.

  • I’m 22 and can finally afford heathcare, was able to graduate from college with an economy strong enough to immediately find a full time salaried job, and now I can marry the love of my life like any straight person. All things that would not have been possible/likely before his presidency. Thanks Obama.

  • ….R.S. has always contained great satire. What? You mean they’re serious? Wow. It kind of makes you question everything found in their bird cage liner.

    • Oh yea. Race relations have never been better. Cops being shot and that dickhead. Goes to a robbers funeral but not the cops. His sustain for the military is in American. And the financial hole he dug will take generations to fix. Maybe if you learned to read past third grade or stopped watching the Kardashians you might get a clue .

  • Why can’t you people just give credit where it’s due???? Obama has been a great president!! I can’t afford medical but because of Obama care when I got pregnant and couldn’t enroll through work there was a way I could still get medical thru the marketplace and a great breast pump if I may add.. no one likes chance but it’s necessary..so get over your thoughts of American remaining stagnant and hope aboard into 2016!!

    • Some might say if you can’t afford medical, you can’t afford being a Mom. Why would you get pregnant knowing that you could not afford to take care of it?

    • My premium went from 400 to 650 a month and my deductible went from 150 to 1500. I guess I got to pay for your breast pump.

  • Wow he have done so much but I see people still want give him any credit. Because he is a black man. Thank you ROLLING STONE!!!! FOR JUS SEEING IT THE RIGHT WAY AND GETTING ABOUT COLOR.??

    • I didn’t want to bring up the race thing but since you did :). If he was “another” race he’d be supported, congratulated, and appreciated. Smh at all the people that live in their own world of ignorance.

      • Lmao no if he was another race he’d be in prison or would’ve been impeached about 10 times,(rough guesstimate, lost track he done SOO MUCH!!) Sacastict for the soo much, just wanted to explain for those who lack humor

    • First of all Michelle, a legible complete sentence would help, I don’t speak section 8 but I’m going to go out on a limb here and try to interpret. This does boil down to a color thing, the only reason he hasn’t been impeached and tried for treason is because he is black. He had racially divided this country more so then ever before. I voted for him and it was a huge mistake.

      • Sorry, here is a history lesson in our great country, we never stopped being divided. About half of us have figured out that our history is still evolving. We are trying to learn more about truths that were never told anyone, and in a hundred years,we may appreciate all the struggle it took to really accept the value of each and everyone. It will happen, just not-today.

  • I am not shocked by the response of some of the haters. They forget the mess that we had gone through and the President was not truly supported from the beginning. Now some want their country back… God Help Us…js

  • That’s right, President Obama is going to go down as one of the greatest presidents in history. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell and his crew have made it their life goal to spread lies about him and his accomplishments to the extent that many U.S. citizens have bought into their vile rhetoric. Search for unbiased facts folks and you will see the truth. Despite a world full of right-wing hatred, he has made his promise of hope come to life.

    • Unbiased!!!! EVERYTHING you read, hear or see is biased! It is slanted in one way or another, depending on the author’s point of view. You just choose to say it is unbiased because it is the narrative you believe.

  • I agree RS. Obama has been one incredible president. Perfect? Maybe not but close. I give thanks to have seen and experienced in my kifetime such an outstanding individual. The next president has some large shoes to fill.

  • One has to actually read the article befor making such horrible comments. I have much respect for both our president and Rolling Stone magazine. Excellent job Mr. Paul Krugman !!

  • Obama has been great. I see a lot of complaints but no ones complaing about low gas prices or having healthcare. We’ll see what the next president does and maybe you all will appreciate him then. Alot of people were for Bush who was the crappiest president ever but now that things are better you all want to complain? I’ll never get some people. Sit at home and don’t reap the benefits of this “unfit” president then. Oh yea…. You won’t. Everyone was just waiting for him to fail, have some type of scandal or for his kids to act up in some sort of manner. No one can take a person who is just living life, happy, and actually doing their job. Sad how some just need drama to survive and when there is none they need to create it or find someway to put another down. Let’s see you take this country from where it was and turn it into what it is now. (In my Katt Williams voice) “Don’t worry I’ll wait……)

    Written by someone who will truly miss THIS president.

    • Do, pray tell, exactly what Obama did to lower gas prices? That was done by the Middle East oil cartel and has cost the US thousands of jobs! Do your research before blindly supporting anyone!

      • Shayne – increased American oil production which increased market competition and initiated programs like cash for clunkers which helped to restart the American auto industry and increased fuel efficiency in cars. He also invested heavily with discretionary funds into alternative energy and better fuel cells for electric vehicles. These are facts. Read a newspaper.

  • Nichelle, do you honestly believe that Obama had ANYTHING to do with the current temporary lower gasoline prices? Pull your head out, my dear. Yes, Obama deserves the “credit” for the horrible state of healthcare we now have in this country. He has taken it from expensive to totally unaffordable and then wants to add financial penalties to those who are unable to afford it. BRILLIANT! Look at the National Debt his legacy is leaving for our children and grandchildren. Time to put the drugs down and look at this misadministration through sober eyes.

  • This, along with the complacent interview between Sean Penn and El Chapo is a great reason to stop thinking about this publication as relevant, AT ALL.

  • If Obama was a Republican, they’d be singing his praises. Those people who are constantly putting him down can’t see past their own noses. I don’t agree with all his policies but I’m amazed that he’s been able to do all that he’s done with the calculated opposition he’s gotten from Congress.

  • Take a chill pill lady. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t make him the worst. Have you read anything about Hoover, or Van Buren, or Harding? To say worst President ever, when we all lived in the Era of Bush Jr is a bit of an exaggeration indicative of conservative frustration with how successful he is as a President with a D, for Democrat, next to his name. Smh. If he had an R next to his name you all would praising him like Reagan. These conservatives are a bunch of fart sniffers in my opinion. They only believe in the hot air that comes out of them or Fox News.

    • Worst president ever, bar none! No comparison, not even a little. What other president deliberately imported terrorists into our nation? NONE, What other president has worked so hard to divide us? None! What other president has given aid and funds to terrorist nations? None! What other president has worked so hard to tear down our military readiness? None! This guy is so far past pathetic we need to invent a new word! He is an OBAMANATION!

  • The worst thing about this President is his foreign policy. However, because his foreign policy is his worst feature, he authorized a military strike team to enter into Nuclear and unfriendly Pakistan to kill and capture Osama Bin Laden. EVEN WHEN HE IS BAD, HE IS GOOD.

  • You guys don’t have any idea how lucky you are. Coming off the back of George Bush snr and jnr, you think that Obama is a bad president? If you don’t want him we will have him in the UK – jobs are up, he has (for the most part) navigated through one of the toughest economic periods in history and all you do is moan. Good luck with Trump – I suppose given his position in the polls I am wasting my breath trying to tell you how good you have it!!!

  • He is successful at dividing the country, taking sides against our police, not appreciating our veterans and overall trying to change the culture of the United States. We are becoming ununited because of him.

  • My Mother said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. I can’t think of one nice thing to say about Obama.

  • Paul Krugman is an imbecile. Obama is the worst president in American history. When he leaves office he will have accumulated more debt than all previous presidents COMBINED. Only the most ideological brainwashed sheep still praise him.

  • Listen to yourselves! I am TRULY ashamed! My heart BREAKS when reading these words of HATE ! Haven’t we learned ANYTHING from our history? HATE does NOTHING to solve our Nations problems. BLAME does NOTHING to solve our Nations problems. WE the PEOPLE have spoken EVERY TIME there has been an election for a Commander and Chief of OUR Great Nation. WE THE PEOPLE, in a majority vote, gave each and every Commander and Chief the task to help steer Our Nation, a little bit more in a positive direction. Not ONE President is going to achieve this alone. Not ONE President SHOULD be EXPECTED to change things on a dime. Not ONE (Current) President should be to blame for the previous-ness of a 240 year old Nation. They should be COMMENDED for having a vision, strength and WILLINGNESS to take on this TREMENDOUS task for us, that MOST of us are unwilling or capable of handling. Yes…. I can hear you out there saying “Well ….I didn’t vote for him”! Ya see….You DID……”WE THE PEOPLE” remember? WE are ONE Nation…Under God. The only thing dividing the people of this nation IS the people themselves. Those of us who vote AND those of us who DIDN’T VOTE, should reflect on our reasons and look inward. I thank our President, for taking on this tremendous task. I may have gotten frustrated from time to time and even worried but I have also felt proud of each and every President who has served during my life-time. Each has given us their own gifts as they served and went in, full knowing that he would NOT be able to please everyone. Throw your hat in the ring if you do not agree with how things are going…

  • I have never been more disgusted with this liberal rag, and that’s saying a lot! Obama will go down in history as the most pathetic excuse for a president the world has ever known.

    • Talking about Bush, yeah he was the worst ever president in history, even his own party Gop and Bill Clinton admit having him in was a terrible misteak as well as the geneuine people of America

  • This so called man, has left debt for many future generations right now every man and child in this Country owes close to 700,00 dollars in debt and credit debt. He has put that debt in to hyper mode. He has divided this Country not brought it together but divided it. Our foreign policy is in a shambles. Our Allies do not trust us and our enemies think we are weak. He brought Hope and Change alright to Iran!! He is absolutely the most corrupt and worst thing that has ever happened to this Country!!

  • you have got to be kidding me…are u people all stupid…he has made this country a disaster…..I know Trump is going to win and change everything…you need to read more about Obama, he’s the worst President ever….

  • If you think Trump will be a better president i truly feel sorry for you. Trump is fooling all of you trumpets, he will be for the rich and only the rich if you think obamba is so terrible just wait trump will be the best dictator since Hilter and all of you will be the blame for letting yourselves be FOOLED!

  • A little common sense here, since we all know that Obama has spent more than all other presidents combined he has definitely not lowered spending so how do you lower the deficit while increasing spending? By taxing more, so a lower deficit while a higher debt equals higher tax rates and not applying very much of that tax to the debt if any. STOP SPENDING MONEY you don’t have and create a functioning budget!!! I wish they would cut up America’s credit cards and force them to go on a cash only basis.

  • I wholehartedly agree he will be known as one with a great legacy. Made even more so by his ability to maneuver skillfully through the largest group of human rocks ever recorded in American history. Can you also recognize this group for their skill at staying in one big heap! Confirmation of their rock solid status is revealed as an approval rating of 9%.

  • Obama is the worst president ever in the history of the United States. . The proof is everywhere. . Obama is a piece of pig shxt muslim TRAITOR who needs to be Impeached then thrown in prison along with hilary. … Y’all need to put the happy away so you see the truth. .. referring to the author of this article. .. loosing respect for rolling Stones magazine. . Better yet stay out of politics. ..

  • Somebody got hit in the head with a rolling stone and got his brains addled. Successful, yep, I agree but successful in a negative way and I do not have to elaborate on the negative things he did for the country, just open your eyes and your brains, if you have one.

  • President obama has nothing to do with the price of gas. I am so glad he’ll be out of office next January. I have been wondering what evil things he will do between now and then. Vote for Trump if you want to see Obama’s crap gone. The list is too long to put on here…

  • Anyone that thinks that Obama has been anything less than a complete failure and does nothing but undermine the U.S. is part of the problem.

  • Let’s see, Obama has given us record high food stamp use, record high homelessness, record high debt growth, 17% poverty rates, average lower salaries, and the first-ever downgrade in our nation’s credit rating. And let’s not forget the over 3% drop in labor participation rates – which means over 10 million LESS people are working now than when he took office. Don’t take my word for it, these are facts that can be looked up. Obama is statistically one of the worst presidents the US has ever had. To put it in perspective, things are much worse now under Obama than they were when Bush Sr. ran for re-election and the media ran nightly stories telling everyone we were all “just one paycheck away from the streets”.
    Add in secret service sex scandals, Fast and Furious, VA waiting list deaths, leaking of Seal Team Six identities, IRS targeting of political opponents, DOJ targeting of journalists, NSA targeting of everyone, Benghazi, Solyndra,Sebellious violating the Hatch Act and soliciting donations, the stonewalling and firing of multiple inspector generals, hiring of over 100 lobbyists in his campaigns and admin, and so on and he may be the most corrupt also. Obama sure is a record-setting president alright.


    • It was Obama who shut down the government like a whining, wailing baby. The government did not lose 25 Billions dollars, idiot. Obamacare sucks and you have proven yourself to be a clueless, misguided, uninformed and shameful writer.

  • I wanted to see who the idiot with a platform was. PAUL Freaking Krugman.. Lmao.. 3 year olds are better economists than Paul “just print more money” Krugman. Remember when Rolling Stone was a cutting edge anti establishment magazine and not another dime a dozen liberal mouthpiece? Yeah neither do I…

  • Crap… Will someone call an EMS…. I just split my spleen……….. Obama has ONLY successful in destroying the Greatest Nation ever Conceived… What a bunch of BUNK.

    Any thoughts of the Lies of Obamacare? Any thoughts of the almost $20 TRILLION of debt? Of which almost a full half of it from the last 8 years? P.S. Anyone that thinks Obamacare is a success must be a reader of Rolling Stone.

  • You people are delusional! Unreal!! I have no words. WAKE UP and do some REAL research. Wow!!!!! Zombies… All of you

  • The Canadian perspective agrees with Rolling Stone. President Obama; although blocked more than any other President in History; managed to keep America from invading anybody for 8 years! The whitehouse is the only part of your government that does not have bagmen wandering the corridors. We just got rid of our version of George Bush up here. He was trained by Republican RW Activist EXPAT from Minnesota. The Koch Brother’s money was involved; as it always is with the Republicans. The Kochs hate President Obama. That Keystone XL Pipeline would have made the Koch’s an estimated 100 Billion extra money. We got a taste of Republicanism. It will take our new government years to clean up the mess. If Obama had moved up here as a youth; he could have become Prime Minister. (You don’t have to be born here to get elected.) He would have won a landslide victory. Polls up here gave President Obama a 75% approval rating! It’s too bad he couldn’t run again. Like Prime Minister Trudeau; President Obama was lucky enough to convince an Amazing and brilliant woman to marry him. Michelle Obama is his best advisor and critic.

  • Well you can take my issue of R/S and perforate it and put it on a roll because that’s all it’s good for now!

  • I use to like Rolling Stones articles until now how could they let an idiot write this and then publish it is beyond me. I think I’ll have my cat apply fora job there. It’s obvious you don’t need a brain to work there. To think Obama has done anything other than tear this country apart is beyond me

  • Why is it when the democrats controlled both the White House and congress, they blamed George bush for their problems?

    Now that they’ve lost the house they want to blame the republicans again saying all the problems are their fault.

    Does anyone else see a pattern here? And people wonder where this generation of people that can’t take responsibility for things came from.


  • I know why alot of people are calling President Obama the worst president. He was the president that allowed the worst terrorist act in history to happen while he was president, wait that was Bush. Oh I know, he started a war with a country who never attacked us while never catching the people responsible for causing the worst terrorist act on American soil, wait that was Bush too. My fault, now I remember, he was the President who came into office with a surplus and left with trillions of dollars in debt, dang, that was Bush again. Wait, I got it, he was the President that led the country into the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, oversaw gas prices jump to almost $5 a gallon, bailed out the very banks that caused the recession, and watched unemployment sky rocket to double digits, no, that was all Bush too. It all makes sense now, the guy (President Obama), who brought the country back from the brink of financial collapse, killed the man who caused 911, dropped the unemployment rate back to single digits, and has allowed hard working people who were getting thrown off their healthcare because of loopholes to keep their healthcare when they needed it the most. Yes, he must be the one destroying our country, seriously??? If you weren’t mad when Bush was destroying the country but you are mad because you think President Obama is destroying this country, yes you are a racist. Not because you disagree with his policies but because it doesn’t make logical sense to be enraged by President Obama but not be upset with Bush when clearly he did more damage than Obama has done even by Sean Hannity standards.

  • I would venture to say that most of the people who disagree with the Rolling Stone article are doing so on the basis of pigmentation. There are a few with valid arguments, but all that proves is Obama’s not perfect.

  • When PAUL KRUGMAN writes in the ROLLING STONE that BARACK OBAMA has been a great President why would ANYBODY be surprised? Krugman, who has been an unabashed supporter of ALL things Obama is no more an unbiased arbiter of political history than Rolling Stone is an honest purveyor of the truth.

    Judging from most of the posts, Krugman is just singing to the choir. But, as usual, there isn’t a lot of sophistication here. As for me, I’ll just wait for history to be written in the years ahead when level heads can evaluate Obama’s tenure from the detached vantage point of hindsight. You know… like it’s SUPPOSED to be.

  • I agree with Rolling Stone. The more the GOP worked at destroying Obama, and this country along with him, the more I appreciated his intelligence at being able to outwit them at every turn. It must be demoralizing to always come up short, and that is what we see with such juvenile outbursts. In 20 years, they’ll still be screaming about Obama because they just can’t let it go. Dudes, you picked the battle, you lost the war. Get over it.

  • i believe that everyone is entitled to hes or her own opinion and should be aloud to talk about the things that they deem as good and also the things they believe to be bad,and that they not be persecuted or condemned for doing so and that it is protected under the first amendment of the constitution.. and i also believe that if they decide that they want to share there opinions and attempt to sway another person into believing and seeing the things they want them to.. they should be held accountable for what they say is truth.. and that before they talk and try to educate anybody, that the facts be facts and not half truths or just made up to pit one person or peoples ageist another… i believe in the right to talk and say anything you want to.. but if it is a none truth, you should be held accountable and forced to make a public statement to face everybody and tell them what you did and fined and jailed.. maybe then we could get some good information and be able to make the right choice weather we agree or agree to disagree, at the least we would have a chance to make the right ones..

  • Even those who don’t like President Obama as a person can see what his administration has accomplished under very difficult Congress. So, for the sake of being an objective open minded person look and see his accomplishments. Haters will always close their minds and have already decided their negative ideas are good.

  • I give the man great credit. For what he has done, and for putting up all that has been shoveled at him without ever having become the things he is accused of being.

  • What has he done for poor black family’s in the state he was supposedly senator? But no one knew who he was before being elected Chicago.. He promised to help grow the communities and the poor people in those communities are no better off being lied to by the democrates that promised them… Very sad when you drive through those communities but the parties are raising 50 million a month for the elections… He will help every foreign land and immigrant coming into the country but turns his back on helping his own out of poverty…Deny deny deny

  • the ONLY thing this pos president has done is all but destroy this country with his pc bullcrap,the muslium loves traitor should be shot or at the lest thrown under say “Pelican bay” prison.And all you fools praising this pos ,,should renounce your US citizenships and go find somewhere else to live ,,and I Used to have alot of respect of Rolling Stone magazine , but after this articule ,,not so much

  • It wasn’t the Democrats that made me so progressive. It was the Republicans and conservatives. Read A People’s History of the United States and find out why.

  • It’s comical how these post’s range from Obama being the worst President to the best president of all time. One thing is for certain. This country has never been more divided.

  • he is. consider his plan. he want America destroyed and he has, in 8 years undone what took 200 years to build up. so in that reguard he has done what he set out to do. rolling stone supports what he has done so the too want America destroyed. simple isn’t it?


  • Any rag that doesn’t include Terry Kath in its lists of great guitarists clearly knows nothing about MUSIC, which is what this rag is supposed to be about. It’s no surprise then, that they know even less about politics.

  • I’ve lost all respect for RS magazine long ago. This ensures that I’ll never buy that rag ever again! Obama is THE WORST POTUS to ever occupy the oval office! Most divisive, most criminal person to ever run for the office and that’s saying something … Crooked Hillary is only second to Obama! Racist democrats have the nerve to call conservatives that same thing yet they prove it by the things they do every day!

  • I have never bought a Rolling Stoned magazine after this never will. Take it they think it’s successful to destroy your country and cause chaos among law enforcement. Full Blown Idiots.

  • If anyone thinks Obama is a great president then you must be a Dem. and a way out there liberal. Obama is worst than Jimmy Carter ever was. He doesn’t support all Americans. He picks and chooses who he wants to support. He didn’t even wait for all the facts in the shooting of the thug Brown. He doesn’t support our military. He’s anti-American!!!

  • I give Obama credit. Our country is 20 trillion in debt, he tried to destroy our second amendment, made himself look like a complete fool on social media, and much more. Good job.

  • The Republicans tried tooth and nail to make him a one term president but they failed miserably. God gave them a new leader in the person of Trump whom many of them have rejected. Come November, Trump will be defeated and America will have a female president. Bravo Obama.

  • The haters want you to think otherwise, but there is no doubt in my mind at all about this. That’s why the report got so many comments. The haters are at work and still in denial. Always will be.

  • Yes he successfully bankrupted this country,he doubled the debt, created the most divisive anti American society, lied about “affordable” health care which is a financial nightmare’ offered a bad foreign policy because he doesn’t know Wtf he’s doing, our allies( countries that protect us) a Muslim who sympathizes with f’ng terrorist won’t call them ISis,signed 23 disasterous executive offers, unemployment is higher not lower. He can’t leave soon enough Oh and black person here.

  • Yeah well Rolling Stone also placed a terrorist bomber undercover a couple years ago so no surprise there with this cover

  • Who cares what Rolling Stone has to say? They need to stick with commenting on rock music which is what they normally do. What do they know about politics?

  • This has to be an issue of “The Onion”, I refuse to think anyone is stupid enough to call these last seven years anything but an unmitigated disaster. (Except if you’re a Muslim Radical, then it’s been a great success)

  • God says pray 4 fools and my prayer goes out to the hate-bashing of President Obama. Our President served us all Americans even tho some will never appreciate his work. President Obama is definitely a positive role model who showed us no matter how many obstacles he faced he always overcame them. He is the epitome of human decency in a troubled world. His opponents have shown how ugly they are and have been these past 7 years and yet President Obama has risen above the fray of hate, sexism, racial inequality, and etc. For those who carry such negative views, may you grow into being a fruit of the spirit which is above any law on earth. President Obama, You are a great President, Husband, and father. Kudos to U & RS!

  • LOL… he was not anywhere close to being a great president. He was one of division and unconstitutional acts only supported by liberals. That does make him great… that makes him a wannabe dictator. Period. By Obama. Leave the key on the counter when you leave!!

  • I dont see anything here but a war between two sides…what seems to be wrong with our country…while everything goes to hell and the very best of us are sent to die in some stupid war. We had better come together some how…some way…or I fear for our posterity.

  • For destruction? Sorry, but his significance will be in replacing Carter as the worst. He slowed the recovery for a recession that he contributed to as a Senator. He aided the enemy in removing leaders that were stable and subordinate to us in the Middle East. Sent arms and support to ISIS. Crushed healthcare. Coordinated and colluded with Hillary’s illegal activities and security breach. I could list all day.

    I wish it were not so, but he has also increased “racial” tensions at a time that we could have been coming together in the realization that there is only one race.

  • Obama care – a failure, bound to increase sharply next year.
    Regular insurances are with the Highest DEDUCTIBLES.
    Social Security Benefits – in 2015, Obama reduced benefits.
    Heroin use is at its highest.
    20% of our Uranium ores allowed to be sold to Russia. Now they have SATAN!
    The Rule “No Negotioation for Terror acts” was obliterated. We paid 400 Million our all our TAXES.
    Enlistment Bonuses for soldiers are being recalled. Government saying, the soldiers where not entitled to get it.
    Jobs are not back.
    Education was not improved.
    Terrorist in the country.

    Just me thinking……. I’m giving this a long hard thought.

    I’d say, Pres. Obama was the Most Eloquent President and a very charming one. Very able to calm people down. He did Bring down Geronimo! Which is big thing and never to be forgotten. He tried and did his best and for that on a very difficult job, I thank him.

  • One can spend a lifetime trying to convince someone of something, when their attitudes are colored by racism and prejudice. The old adage, “None is so blind as he who refuses to see,” aptly applies here. There’s little doubt from those whose vision is not cloudy by racism that President Obama, is indeed one our most successful presidents in recent history.

  • Yeah lets just forget about George Washington, Aabraham Lincoln, & Thomas Jefferson. If you people really believe Obama is the best President, you are absolutely delusional, he is one of the worst. Big League.

  • it’s amazing how the liberal mind works! Conservatives have watched how liberals will throw more money at a problem and immediately claim credit for problem solved, even when things subsequently get worse, but celebrating the Obama presidency as the most accomplished in history is stunning! Other than getting credit from the Left for obligatory spending increases, enacting his pseudo redistribution of wealth health care act, increasing the enforcement power of the EPA, and releasing Islamic fighters from Gitmo, what has he accomplished that hasn’t made things worse outside of giving the go ahead to kill Bin Laden? Obviously, you’re treating his words as actual accomplishments in the same way that the Nobel Prize committee did. This proud Leftist site lists his supposed accomplishments; but it’s really a list of leftist good intentions that have amounted to nothing more than weakening our military, increasing costs for all but those who don’t work, and making it harder for businesses to operate: http://washingtonmonthly.com/…/obamas-top-50-accomplishmen…/

  • Than you Rolling Stone for honoring President Obama. I think he did a fantastic job despite the tremendous opposition. May God bless him and family.

  • A floaing boat, anybody could drive a floaing boat to safety, but it is very diffcult to salvage a sinking boat. You guys who oppose to give credit to President Obama, should have reviewed the economy and other matters left in 2008 by GW Bush, then you would have agreed with it . The recession was the greatest ever and greater than the 1930’s one. Had Obama not taken over the leadership, you & the whole world would have been in a worse situation or mess than today or even a WW-III could not be impossible, worse economic depression, starvation, wars, terrorisms, what not ! you would watch out. That is aversed due to the correct leadership by Obama. You the stuborn people will never accept anything before the incumbent leader is gone or his legacy could be compared with the next president/leader who will fail. Hats off to Obama ! We saw what he accomplished over the last 8 years, that will be in the history of America and the world at large. Mr. Krugman a strong critic of Obama would not have written or accepted unless or until he really saw the pace of development. So accept and appreciate it, if someone done something good, to America or the world, ok? Of course some mistakes made by Obama will be in records too…

  • The sad thing about the negative response, Is this is a country of such opportunity for so many, but you still harbor hate for others, look at yourself in the mirror and try to figure out what can change your bitter heart, certainly not a slick rick like TRUMP, you still can’t change or accept the
    fact that this amazing, intelligent man if GOD served in the highest office of the land. It’s happen and will be a part of our history like it or not.

  • How is Obama one of the best president’s ever? Yes historical first black president but has been a failure. Let me give you a few examples since the left say we have non. More dept then all other presidents combined. it was 10 trillion when he took over now it is just short of 20 trillion plus 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities they lie when they say he has cut the deficit it is actually 100 billion more then when it was when he took over. The medial house hold income is now over $4,000 less then in 2008. More people in poverty then in 2008 more people on welfare & receiving food stamps. More people then ever out of the work force. The lowest home ownership since the 1940’s the worst industrial growth rate ever the Iran deal more terrorist attacks on our soil then ever before. The country is more divided then in the last 50 years. His health care system is a total disaster. Military is depleted more then I can ever remember. These are just a few things.

  • Maybe the fact that we are asking for our soldiers to pay back their money and police officers are being killed right and left, race baiting, taking money out of our schools while spending billions on personal things, etc etc. Is someone’s idea of a great president but it’s not mine.

  • Rolling Stone is a lowest common denominator, liberal rag. It’s no wonder they praised Obama as highly as they did.

  • For what he was handed when he entered into office he did wonders. The gas has been at an all time LOW, he been a wonderful president .
    Zion well done M. President!??????????????????????

  • What is amazing to me when reading this is how everyone goes right to race card as soon as someone says they don’t like Obama. It’s almost as if he is perfect and no one can say anything negative about him, because if the do, it’s only because the color of his skin. Well, maybe most of you don’t know this, but Obama is not black. He is bi-racial. Further, George W. wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t cause the recession. The burst of the housing bubble did. That was put into motion by greedy banks that were giving loans to people that couldn’t possibly pay them. Then the loss of jobs due to Slick Willy’s NAFTA deal, was pretty much icing on the cake. Now on to Mr. Obama. He has tripled the deficit and that is fact. Obama care is a disaster and has caused employers to lay people of and reduce their hours. Obamacare has pushed premiums through the roof and even Obama himself said that premiums will increase by 25% next year. According to a lot of experts that number is very conservative. Under Obama bailout money was given to the Banks that caused the recession. Bailout money was given to the auto industry. Money that would have been better in the hands of the American people. Recently, Obama’s administration gave billions of dollars to Iran and we’ve allowed them to have the resources for nuclear weapons. So, don’t use this article to taught what a great President Obama is. At the end of the day, this article doesn’t represent the American people as a whole. Please stop calling people racist because they don’t buy into the hype that is Obama; because they have a different opinion of Obama than you, because if anything, that makes you the racist. Also, everything said about the recession, the debt, the money and nuclear materials to Iran is all fact. Do the research and enrich you minds.

  • I love how the conservatives twist facts to make their point. G W Bush, ruined the economy, and to hear them tell it, hew was a great sucess. Facts are facts and opinions are opinions. They try to change the facts to fit their belief system. Obama was a great president!! A friend told me she was voting for Trump because the economy was in the toilet under Obama. I said gas is $2 a gallon, under Bush it was over $4. Enough said.

  • As far as bringing Socialism/Communism and illegal aliens/Muslims to America, Obama did great that is for certain. As far as moving jobs over seas and pushing America into Globalism, again, Obama did great. As far as being a historical successful President as far as success SHOULD be determined, no, Obama ranks around the bottom of the pile.

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