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Report: Thanksgiving Is The Most Popular Holiday For Making Babies

Thanksgiving is revealed as the most popular holiday for conceiving a baby – even more so than Valentine’s Day

The most popular holiday for making babies is not Valentine’s Day, as one might expect.

And would you believe, it’s not even New Year’s or Christmas; instead of cupid, festively-wrapped gifts, and midnight kisses, it turns out it’s turkeys that really wind people up and make them want to start a family – according to a new survey of 1,000 Americans by

Among those polled, more named Thanksgiving as the time of year they conceived their children than any other holiday.

Thankful and lustful: A new survey found Thanksgiving to be the most popular holiday for conceiving a baby

The site took a look at when, where, and how couples conceived their first children, asking them to peg which holiday fell closest to the date they conceived their first kids.

A surprising 17.7 per cent said Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday — including Valentine’s Day, which 17.3 per cent of people picked.

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