Are You Putting Your Kids At Risk By Oversharing On Social Media?

We’re either guilty of it or we have a friend or family member who is a bandit for it: oversharing photos of our children on social media.

While posting an image of your child smiling into the camera covered in food may seem like a playful and cute move to you – it could be dangerous for your child in the long run.

When it comes to uploading baby photos on social media, some feel like the more comments and likes they get the better, but who is really looking at your photos and how far do they reach on the net?

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Social media expert Sarah-Jane Kurtini believes people need to more aware of their ramblings on the web.

‘I think people just have this inbuilt need to share,’ Kuritini told Daily Mail Australia. ‘In a lot of cases it probably is fine but when you’re giving away exactly where your family life is taking place, there’s a risk and it’s probably more sensible not to do it.’

‘People have started to be less self-aware and when everything happens they put it online. What they don’t think about is who they’re sharing it with.’

Kurtini, who is the co-founder of Tinybeans, a private social media network for families said that although parents are worried about what the dangers of sharing on social media are, they choose to ignore the warnings.

In a recent survey of social media awareness, conducted by the University of Michigan, over 74 percent of respondents claimed they had doubts about posting baby images on the web, however they followed the crowd and did it anyway.

Worryingly, 51 percent of parents offer up personal information alongside their photos that could identify a child’s location and 27 percent have shared inappropriate pictures of their baby.

They also found that more than half of mothers and one-third of fathers discuss child health and parenting on social media – and nearly three quarters of parents saying social media makes them feel less alone.

‘A thing we always say is to share with those who care and don’t waste your precious family moments on people who don’t want to see them,’ she said.

Read on to find out the 4 tips for safe sharing!

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