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Protests Expected As Trump Plans To Trump To Roll Back Obama’s Cuban Outreach

President Donald Trump has vowed to revisit all of his predecessor’s diplomatic successes and failures and will demonstrate Friday that he’s ready to slam the door on Cuba.

Trump is expected to unveil a new policy on relations with Cuba after Barack Obama painstakingly restored ties with the communist-run island.

The Miami Herald reports that Trump will tighten the travel restrictions for Americans that Obama loosened. He will also ban business transactions with Havana’s military, the Herald reported.

The Republican president will outline the strategy shift in a speech Friday in Miami at the Manuel Artime Theater, which is named of a Bay of Pigs veteran.

Although many Americans support the decision and the US business community has welcomed moves to reopen trade, Trump’s hardline campaign rhetoric won him support among influential Cuban exiles in Florida.

The White House has not let much slip, but a radical turnaround such as a renewed break in diplomatic relations does not yet appear to be on the cards.

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