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‘I have to protect my daughter from myself’: Ray Rice Opens Up About Domestic Abuse


He also said that he wanted his story to be told and the details of his past shared in hopes that it could help others.

Another big focus in Rice’s life these days is self-improvement.

‘I have to make a decision every day that I’m going to be better than I was on tape,’ explained Rice, who now lives in Connecticut.

That is part of the reason he did the interview, which helped to promote the domestic violence awareness project Safe at Home.

‘Domestic violence is a real issue,’ said Rice.

‘It is a real issue. It happens every 12 seconds as we speak. But if you think about it, the conversation wasn’t really being had the way it is now because of my video. If I can explain it to young men my worst decision I know that I can save someone.’

Rice’s suspension from the league was quick after the video of him punching Janay was posted on TMZ.

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