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Prosecutors In Florida Want The Death Penalty For School Shooter

The office of Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz has filed a formal notice of its intent to seek capital punishment against 19-year-old school shooting suspect, Nikolas Cruz.

Photo credits: Mike Stocker, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Another legal breakthrough has transpired in the case of the February 14 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

According to the Associated Press, the office of Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz filed a notice on Tuesday (March 13) of its intent to seek the death penalty against Nikolas Cruz (pictured center). Cruz, 19, was charged with 34 felony counts by Satz’s office, including 17 counts of first-degree murder.

Cruz is being held without bond in the Broward County Jail. He is suspected of being the lone gunman who wantonly took the lives of numerous teachers, staff members, and children in Valentine’s Day massacre. Cruz also injured around a dozen people who were present at Stoneman Douglas High School on that fateful day.