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Principal Offers $100 For Students Who Turn Off Electronics 1 Day A Week Over Summer Break

A school principal from Washington, D.C. is challenging her students to spend one day a week this summer without using any electronic devices, and is promising a reward of $100 — of her own money — for each student that completes the challenge.

“I really want the kids not mindlessly grabbing for the phone, but thinking about whether or not the phone … is going to be their source of entertainment,” Diana Smith, principal of the Washington Latin Public Charter School told ABC News.

The educator decided to find a creative way to motivate her students to disconnect from their devices, and launched the “No-Tech-Tuesday Summer Challenge,” which asks students to spend each of the eleven Tuesdays over summer break completely disconnected from any of their screens. Smith is even incentivizing students with cash.

“The challenge is that they go without any screens or devices for the eleven Tuesdays of the summer and if they do that,” Smith said. “I will give them $100.”

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