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The Pressure On Black Women To Date Within Their Race

The Pressure On Black Women To Date Within Their Race

The black women I interviewed for my film Do Women Know What They Want? said they are either not attracted to white, Asian and Latino men or they feel a sense of loyalty to their race. But my question is, why are black women loyal to black men when the black men are not loyal to them? It’s mind-boggling!

Black women, and women in general, must do a better job of supporting each other when it comes to dating interracially. Whether it’s mothers, daughters, sisters or girlfriends, women should want to see each other happy, regardless of race. And here’s a news flash for black women who are standing on the sidelines: white, Latino, European and Asian men love black women! And as the expression goes, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice!”

I know some of you are probably laughing while reading this thinking, “Michael Baisden is trying to start some mess!” My response is, people who limit their options for love are already in a messy situation.  Don’t wake up one day and find yourself old and alone because you were too afraid, too close-minded and too loyal to your own race. You deserve to be happy! Have the courage to accept the love of someone who was brave enough to also step outside his or her comfort zone to love you. We can’t claim to be all God’s children on one hand and discriminate on the other.

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