POTUS Was BOOED at Last Night’s NFL Game During 9/11 Remembrance

President Obama Sent a Prerecorded Message to the Attendees of Last Night’s Game Which Was Rudely Met with Boos From The Crowd

Twitter reacts:


  • This is what Colin and the rest of the players are talking about. Social issues like this. Who boos a president during the anthem but yet say everything is ok.we are not ok.

      • Bush ignores Intel and the worst terrorist attack on our nation occurs on his watch. Then he starts bombing the hell out of a country that had nothing to do with it to enrich war contractors. , . Obama gets Osama Bin Laden and there are no terrorist attacks and HE gets booed. It’s all about race.

        • Sylvia Smith Bush didn’t ignore the intel Bill Clinton did and the worst terrorist attack happen by radical Islamic terrorists a word that Obama can bring himself to say. And Obama got Bin Laden thanks to intel that was gathered by Bush people. And to say we have had no terrorist attacks, where have you been with your head in the sand.

          • Sooooo, let me get this right. Bush was President when 9/11 occurred (7 months) , yet it was Bill Clinton’s fault for 9/11 since he didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden. Though Bush ignored everything the Clinton team told him and ignored everything his own people told him. And it’s Bush who gets the credit for killing Osama Bin Laden (over 3 years after he was out of office), because his people got all the intel to kill him (I guess they kept that to themselves for those 3 years). So he’s not responsible for the worst terrorist attack on American soil in history, even though he was President, but he gets credit for killing Osama Bin Laden, 3 years after he’s out of office? That’s one of the most convoluted and irresponsible statements I have ever read. You are definitely mental.

          • Do you seriously believe a stadium full of people would boo the POTUS just because he’s (half) black? Odds are that half of those people booing voted for him twice. It’s all about the state of the country right now and his lack of leadership. Nothing more.

        • Yawn.. It’s always a good sign of low I.Q. when the race card is pulled without the supporting evidence. Typical Liberal Mental Disorder. It’s always about race. No terror attacks?? Read the news honey. Not as bad as 9/11 is all you will find. Bush had been President for only a little over 7 months at the time of the attacks on 9/11. And no attacks for the remainder of his Presidency. He made mistakes, as did all leaders in the years leading up to 9/11. The planning for the attacks began years before 9/11. Obama has seen attacks during his term. And he is inviting more with his immigration and refugee policy. We will see more as a result of his policies, AKA TNLMD (The New Liberal Mental Disorder). Stop listening to your teachers and professors when it comes to politics and do your own research.

          • Yeah, I guess 7 months of being President he’s not responsible for what happened. Wait a minute, are you freaking nuts???? He *was* responsible, and the fact he decided to attack two countries in the Middle East that *weren’t* responsible for 9/11 is what has elevated what has always been a quagmire into pretty much the worst situation ever in the Middle East. Your condescending attitude doesn’t excuse that National Guard dodger of duty from what he allowed under his administration. Maybe if he hadn’t taken 4X the amount of vacation as Obama and actually done some damn work, perhaps 9/11 and the financial crisis wouldn’t have happened. Oh, wait, I guess since that was close to the end of his last term, that’s Obama’s fault also? Got to understand this revision of history you right wingers keep pushing.

        • You don’t read much factual history do you?
          Bill Clintin was given the opportunity TWICE to take out Bin Laden BEFORE 9/11, Einstien.
          Bush invaded Iraq only AFTER 18 UN resolutions and EVERY member of Congress signing off on the use of force.

        • What a joke this is, first off Obama was not the one to get Bin Laden, it was in the works long before he started to ruin the United States, and if anyone can name one good thing he has done since being in office I’d like to hear it, he is a failure, I’d boo him right to his face

      • Actually in addition to whatever else you may think, he is a twice-elected President of the Unied States of America, or did you forget that? My wife heard him speak today on behalf of the better candidate for President and said he was wonderful. He so much understands what our country is all about. In case you don’t know, he was speaking on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton. You are aware, are you not, of her long-standing concerns for the needs of our nation’s children. I hope so, oh I hope so.

        • He would have never made it the first time without voter fraud, and certainly never in 2012. Why do you think DemocRATS hate having to produce an ID to vote? Makes Voter fraud that much harder.

          • 31 cases of voter fraud since the year 2000. Seems like he beat Romney and McCain by quite a bit more than that.

          • You jerk, voter fraud is just a way to eliminate people of color from their right to vote.. Check the sources (not just the neocon sources)
            .. Voter fraud is less than 0.000002% And that is just in one republican controlled state. Most fraud that does occur is an elderly voter that tries voting a second time because they forgot Absentee vote or even early vote. Just a trigger to increase conservative turnout to improve the possibility of having repub’s being elected

      • One of the first things out of Obama’s mouth when he was supposedly elected the first time, is to encourage us to accept the ‘official version’ of 9/11. What a lying sack.

      • Like your forefathers didn’t speak with a double tongue! They have lied from the beginning and continue to lie. They were the original terrorist and most vile people of this world! Hell those that wrote the constitution and those after made ISIS look like puppies.

      • Bastard you CAC trump deplorable tack head but u maf at KP but cal POTUS a Bastard to bad boy white folks are the minority and yawl just mad and jealous show some respect

      • Forget Colin, you are the traitor. Shame on you and all who disrespected our President and Commander and Chief. The military honor this man and you spit all over them. You don’t respect American, you stink to high heaven.

      • And you call yourselves Patriotic. Regardless how one feels about the Man. It is totally ignorant not to respect the highest most prestigious position in this world. Ignorant racist people like yourself and others has really made a total foul out of what this country stands for and because of people like you the crumbling has begun. Many of you that speaks out against our Commander Of Chief probably never served.

    • He can see the difference when an American President is in our WH, our next President.
      Colin converted to Muslim, engaged to a Leader of that terrorist gang BLM. Have them $1 million to go play in traffic to hurt more people and burn down their income businesses to feed our families, burns Police cars, disrespects Police, Are these the social problems that Colin speaks about????
      Get a life . My question to you all if I were a Coach is? Are you here to play Football or protest?
      Coaches have every right to let them go . They were not signed up for protest.

      • You definitely win the Moronic Incoherent Rant award for today. Your word vomit makes not sense whatsoever and just randomly spewing words that aren’t connected to anything doesn’t make you or your stupid anti-American bs seem any more intelligent. Grow up, learn to read, learn to write and then maybe you’ll be at a point where you can make a cogent argument. Until then, shut up

      • Our country isn’t what it used to be, look at all the s-holes here booing our country ! When you disrespect the president you show the world what a disgraceful bunch of lowlifes the American citizens have become. May God have mercy on your sorry souls !

      • judge the lest ye be let the first person with no ,sin cast the first stone ,if you want respect you have to give itmay God give you sense and knowledge to start studying and have wisdom because knowledge without wisdom nothing at all and that is what you have now,

      • Brad, you don’t seem to understand the fundamentals of Patriotism. President Theodore Roosevelt stated it this way: “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It DOES NOT mean to stand by the President or any other public official.”
        This is how you CAN boo o’yuk while standing for the National Anthem!

    • If Obama was a president that loved this country and its citizens and respected us then he would get respect. He just got through with an apology tour telling the world what a bunch of lazy selfish people Americans are. He just gave our most hated terrorist enemy the funding to possibly kill millions of people….. He needs to be hung by his neck not booed

    • Thanks Brad … you are so right! Yet and still athletes are criticized when they refuse to stand for an anthem that states there is a difference in how people should be treated simply because they have a different color of skin. However when these same individuals of different colors give their live to protect this country, their sacrifice is not rewarded or given consideration. Their thoughts are screamed over the airways when you hear these same people boo our setting President — President Obama. What kind of people? What kind of country? What kind of example to the rest of the world?

    • Who played the President during the Anthem?
      I think it is disrespectful to boo a President, though I am guessing you may have excused the people who booed Pres. Bush.

      • Please show me the social injustice. Everyone I ask can produce. All they can do is give me percentages of who is in jail. Thats social injustice that is great police work.

      • Social injustice let’s start with the Native American Indians . When that has been fixed we can listen to everyone else’s BS. End of story , a long time coming.y

    • Just like you can love your country and sit during the anthem, right? Or is this another double standard that only applies when certain people says so?

    • That’s President Obama you disrespectful racist scum…you are in unAmerican has it gets. People like like then to leave the country I fought for. You don’t disrespect my Commander Chief doing any speech to the nation or the flag bearing. You and all bigots don’t represent American

      • He was Voted in Illegally the Second time. He’s a Traitor, and an imposter in our WH.

        His latest’s disrespect to our Nation and it’s Ppl is that he has approved of a Huge Mosque and Communications Center, 25 ft from Ground Zero.. He got what he deserves… No wait, if he got what he really deserves, he would had been impeached several yrs ago, and be sent to Gitmo!!

        He’s a disgrace, and doesn’t deserve to even LIVE in this Country, much less be a Commander and Chief. Go Trump!

        • The men with the sraitjacket are looking for you. No disrespect for your obvious mental illness, but they need to get you back in the institution.

      • Thank you, I too am a veteran and it sickens me to see the level of disrespect from these hypocrites, this is why the world hates you, because of the hate you have for others.

      • Correction, Obama is about as un-American and I have been booing him since he stole my Ancestors identity . My ancestor were Slaves while his Ancestors were in Kenyan tuning there nose at us Blacks in American. This is what I
        like about the USA, we don’t have to like you just because a bunch of Stupid Fools voted you into office.

    • But to pull that BS during his speech about 9/11 then to have the gall to call Kaepernick “unpatriotic”? Talk about double standards, that’s disgusting. As a veteran myself, I find that FAR more deplorable than someone protesting the national anthem.

      • Thank you for your service Matt. Hillary Clinton is correct about the “deplorables”…they were on full display at the stadium.

    • Bet you were wearing your “Make America Great Again” Hat as you typed that. And sat on your coach during the National Anthem plays with your hat on your head. Such a Patriot!

    • @marion hatcher—That is true. However, if that is your belief then I believe you should be one of the people supporting Colin Kaepernick. If you’re not supporting him that seems to be nothing more than words of a hypocritic.

    • Correction: You can disagree with your countries leaders but RESPECT them for their positions!

      No President EVER was treated like this man who did the BEST he could with the trashed economy etc that he was handed.

      It’s only because he is a Black man that he is publicly ridiculed this way. Even when Democrats disagreed with Republican Presidents, and vice versa, NEVER were any of them insulted and degraded like Obama. It’s definitely a RACIAL thing, and YOU are a HUGE part of the problem!

    • That’s 100% correct boo the useless prick is the least the people should be doing all he’s ever cared about is going down in history Obama care for example

  • Another example of why we need to spend money on education — to teach respect,
    truthfulness, and facts. These booing people are so lacking…… and sad …….. and do not offer any hope for the future. Their prejudice is disgusting.

      • Can’t be taught at home when they doing it on TV I’m front of out kids teaching them how to be disrespectful. But want to blame parents

      • Bush didn’t do anything but run our country in the ground. They stole the election for his second term. We never called the Republican presidents names. It is because he is a black man. Get a grip. The Word says that how can you love Me who you have not seen, but hate you fellow man who you can see? Hatred is taught and somewhere in your life you were taught to hate because you are so inferior.

      • President Obama has done nothing to earn the disrespect he’s received from disgruntled folk. Haters are extremely jealous of POTUS ‘ S intelligence and composure. Get over it!!

      • Lmao! All of you sorry inbreeding morons refuse to admit that your racist! Bush ran this country into the ground. He was never disrespected like our current president. I’m a Gulf war Veteran and I don’t stand for a flag or song. America is a racist place to live all ways has been and always will. I have the right to believe that and say it because I have served my time. Most of you cowardly racist fools haven so shut the hell up.

      • You are wrong. This man did more for working families in 8 years, without the help of Congress mind you, than than every president since Reagan. Do you choose not to believe the truth or are you just that ignorant…

      • and what was said about the prior president. Bush created a terrible mess for the future president that is going to take the next 8 yrs to try to fix.
        As long as he is not Black.

      • Well what have our done Janine? Never mind, I’m sure you don’t have a quarter if that mans intelligence.. Im sure that’s why you can’t see what he has done


    • Where does prejudice come in? They elected him, but obviously don’t like the job he did. Has nothing to do with black, white, green or polka dot. It’s all about incompetence!

    • You know “The deplorables” think what they do, think or say is just what it is. The main ones talking especially
      marion hatcher says:
      You can love your country , but despise its leaders , BOOOOO to Barrack

      At least if you’re going to despise someone, spell their name correctly! President Barack Obama to you.

      Glenn van Zuylen @gjvanzuy
      @CBS don’t put Obama on before our first football game. It ruins the mood

      Trump has really pumped the rage of the white privileged while campaigning, don’t think that this is going back to the 1950’s you will be truly disappointed.

    • I can understand the people booing Obama, they are fed up with him and the way he has put Muslims in our government, we can never live together. they would end up fighting us for control of our country, even if you do not know your history, you should at lease know your bible. Obama lied about his birth then sealed his records, he is not who you liberals think he is. He has drown America in debt, he has opened our borders to illegals and provided them with money and a driver license so they can vote. yes we will boo him till he is out of office along with Clinton. Donald Trump will be our next president, count on it. @ Martha, respect is earned not given, we do nor have any respect for Obama or Clinton…..

      • I am surprised that you mentioned the bible. God is all about LOVE, that is why He gave His only Son to die for all men, not just whites. If Trump becomes president, his wife is a foreigner, I guess that is ok because she looks white. Would all of our country’s business be shared with Russia? We didn’t boo Bush, who was drunk at the Olympics and groped the US volleyball player. We didn’t boo Bush when he took us to war in Iraq because Husain tried to kill his dad and for his dad to make money off the war with Halliburton with the oil. We didn’t boo daddy Bush when helped to sell the Citgo oil company to the Venezuelan president when he was in office. I can go on and on. I know one thing hatred is of Satan not God. White people has used the bible twisting it to oppress other races. This country does not belong to the white race. It belongs to the Native Americans, so if y’all don’t like it, go back to England or wherever y’all came from.

      • Stupid is what stupid does and some of these comments about President Obama are just stupid. They respect a Donald Trump, they truly are stupid and very misinformed.

      • You idiot. Obama reduced the debt, has deported more illegals than any President ever before, and cut unemployment in half. The stock exchange is at record highs and the economy is better than it was before he took office. Gas prices are half of what Bush left behind. You wouldn’t boo Bush for lying about WMDs and thousands of dead soldiers based on that lie. You wouldn’t boo Bush destroying the surplus and raising the national debt. You are a typical ignorant racist conservative eating the crap Fuax News feeds you.

      • No Obama did not put us in debt George w bush did. No one made such a fuss when he our three economy in debt to revenge his family vendetta. He did not care at all about the american ppl. But since it’s a black man in office he is blamed for it all. No you will not see the economy turn around while he is in office. It will take a while before we see the seeds he has planted. Another thing do you truly believe obama really had total control of the United States. The United States is controlled by the British and y’all are to blind to see it. Who established the United States. The founding fathers. Wake up

    • Booing the president isn’t prejudice you libtard moron. Since when is hating someone for their policies racial? Idiot. You’re why libtards are Called libtards.

      • @Cindy, insults real mature. It shows your intelligence..I love My President, however i will be glad once his term is over.Find yet another African American to blame. NOBODY disrespected GW BUSH and he was the worst. Bottom line all of the disrespectful ignorace is because of the COLOR of his SKIN.

    • Thank you!!! Idiots! How can you stand for the United States flag and then boo the President of the United States! They all need Hooked on Phonics!

  • “Hmmm… did I just hear ppl booing the president while standing for the flag? How does that work?”

    I’ll tell you how it works: “…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” ~ The USA Declaration of Independence

    • The republicans in the house and senate are deplorable. They won’t even do their job. They have ruined this country. They need to go and go now. We should impeach all republican senators and replace them with people who will actually do their job instead of throw hissy fits when they don’t get their way.

    • Okay, so all you who support booing Obama also agree with Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem?

      Please someone explain how this is any different?

      • The flag and the national anthem represents the ideals, beliefs, bravery, and perseverence of America. This particular man whi holds the technical title of President hates all of thosr things that represent America. But it’s ok .you’ll catch up.

    • Typing it and understanding it two different things. The next time you decide to vote be sure you know who you’re putting in congress because news flash regardless of the president’s agenda nothing will get done if the members of congress have their agendas.

      Exactly why they are kneeling get a clue!

    • If this is the case.. Why weren’t other presidents booed to whom of which did more destructive things to this society… Using the words of the declaration to fit your agenda is hypocritical at best. You are a part of the problem. Ignorance is also being racist!

    • Amen to that sir. We may soon have to take our current government out of office physically, if Obama and DHS decide they will try to put a stopportunity to the election, because, or if Trump starts beating Killery.

    • Yep, Police and justice system is part of the “government” you speak of. Just because the system works for one sector doesn’t mean it is working for all. I bet Germans felt the Nazi system was working for them but the Jews it was not.

    • Destructive??? Yet you are employed, not standing in a soup line like in the Great depression, we aren’t at war with other countries, and MOST recipients of OBAMACARE are WHITE!!!!!! Hmmm, how does that work? Boo the Black man, but taking advantage of the blessings his administration wrought, or at least the protection from destruction that was prevented.

      And considering that presidents are chosen by the elite, not by our votes, that means Obama was placed there for a purpose, as will the next President. You have absolutely NO voice. The booing only shows how insanely racist and animalistic White America still can be. That’s why other countries are disgusted with this nation.

      • I strongly agree kedra. This country is still racist and that’s how it will be until we as a people come together as one and set our differences aside and work together as one unit. Hate is tearing our country apart. Obama is our president. He is human and make mistakes but I think he did good in his terms. When the other presidents messed up. No one booed them or treated them as Obama’s been treated. I don’t agree with everything he has don’t but he is our president and he deserves respect.

    • Easy I love my country. He doesn’t. What’s so difficult for you to understand? Unless you’re a liberal and we all know how mentally ill they are. They can’t understand 1+1=2 they need to have it explained six ways from Sunday and they still don’t get it because their brains are just for decoration.

    • And we alter ours every 4 years and abide by the will of the people. When you disrespect the president as such you disrespect the will of the people. That’s more representative of our country than any flag could ever be. The president is the embodiment of the peoples’ will. He or she should not be disrespected just because YOU didn’t vote for him.

  • Tell the players to take their balls and go home if they cannot stand up like men. Americans, all of us, deserve better than this recent spate of unpatriotic display by so called “team players.” Sporting events are preceded by patriotic songs, speeches, silence, and tributes. Quit the team that is thrusting your poor behavior into the spotlight and spare the rest of us your antics.

  • How about we leave all politics, religion, etc. out of our sports. No singing about our country or ANYONE’S God and no president making a speech about anything EVER at a sports event. Singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame is fun for all at a baseball game and offends no one, though some may try to find something to be offended about. Some will be offended or feel that someone else is being disrespectful no matter WHAT we do. We have no control over what someone else does, we only have control over our response. If we have no response, perhaps some will find a different platform for their extremely important issues. Let’s just make sports about sports and not about political or any other form of platforms.

  • He gets booed not out of disrespect for America, but for his disrespect of America. The president has repeatedly showed his Anti-American sentiments through both words and action. He is pro-foreign aid and support in ludicrous numbers while our country suffers with growing numbers of homeless people ranging from children to veterans; he has helped to fund foreign governments that steal money from their people and who turn around and fund terrorists. He created the vacuum that created Isis. He apologizes to every country he goes to about America’s “wrongdoings” and speaks negatively about our country at the global level, always pandering. He has lied to his own voters and extended every backwards policy that Bush created and expanded on them–he and his administration IS Bush 2.0. He panders to SJW groups and hostile groups like BLM on dangerous levels that infringe on the constitution. He has overrode proper channels to create laws, and has set the precedent of being able to “speak” a word into law, much like the Pharaohs of Egypt, showing absolutely no respect for a democratic republic. He has no pride in the USA and never has. Want to talk about racism? Hillary Clinton is the one who started the smear campaign against Obama being a Muslim terrorist. Go back to 2008, it was all her. But panderer, liar that he is, he will support someone who is against every value he claims to support. Liar, thief, traitor with an army of brainwashed SJW drones to protect him.

    It is actually a sign of utmost respect to the country to boo this POTUS.

    • First Hillary did not start the Obama is a Muslim crap it was started by Andy Martin. It started being sent around, and someone sent an email to some Hillary’s low-level staffers who discussed it, when Hillary and her close staff called it crap and told them to knock it off. Executive Orders GW Bush 291…Obama 249. Federal Aid has been around since The Marshall plan though it didn’t become what it is today until the 1960s. The USA gives the most but if you go by GNP which is how it is figured we are 21st in how much we give of our GNP. Bush is the one who really created ISIS when he stood on the USS Abraham Lincoln and said “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended” with his MIssion Accomplished Banner, like it was all over and done with. The 9/11 Terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, but Bush could not go after Saudi Arabia because his family is besties with the Saudi Royal Family and their oil. Obama gets hammered for a customary bow to someone while Bush is seen holding hands and kissing the royals. Bush set the date of withdrawal from Iraq: Iraq and U.S. agree that all U.S. forces will withdraw “no later than December 31, 2011.” On November 17, 2008, US and Iraqi officials signed a Security Agreement, often referred to as a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), stating that “All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.” The agreement also called for all U.S. combat forces to withdraw from Iraqi cities “no later than June 30, 2009.” [U.S.-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement, 11/17/08] dated 2 months before Obama took office. The US deficit has dropped from 9.8 to 2.4 %.

  • Hypocrisy is everywhere, Gun rights but not to blacks, honor the flag but not the President, and enforce the law, but only in black neighborhoods. Enough is enough.

    • Since when are Blacks not allowed to legally purchase a gun? If you can’t legally own a gun, that would be a problem with your background history despite your race. Unless your statement implies that the gun laws in place are not benefiting or protecting the Black communities. In that case I must say rethink your voting process and get your family friends too stop voting Democratic or stop voting for those that are for Gun fights.

  • No disrespect to the fallen but he has brought this on himself. Consequences of failing the people of our great country. He deserves everything he gets and much much more.

  • The comments here are laughable. Respect works both ways. These same fans are likely to boo their own players when their performance is poor. I doubt many folks in that stadium believe our country is in a better place after 8 years of Obama’s job performance. So there you go.

  • It just goes to show you where America is headed. But keep on America you people will not be welcome outside the USA! Other countries are watching closely! The outright disrespect for the President of the Unites States of America is appalling. This is all due to the color of his skin. many will deny this but yet it is so evident. Think about how ignorant that is. May God have mercy on your pitiful souls because of your evil and hate you will someday surely burn in hell. But most of you don’t believe in God, if not I guess you good!

  • You will never teach respect to anyone if it was not in the home. Everyone has their own idea of respect, even if it was taught in the home. Respect for the Flag, national anthem, our country and everyone who shows respect and earns it. You can respect the office of the president but not the person in it!

    • Yes I agree it was disrespectful to boo Obama. Some of you say the boos were because the color of his skin. Wrong it has nothing to do with race. Your the ones that make it about race. He has failed the United States of America. If he was white he would have been booed just the same . quit with the race card.

  • Absolutely disrespectful how can you boo our president and expect black people to respect the flag,this is what the whole issue is about white Americans picking and choosing what is acceptable to protest if it is a cause for justice for white Americans OK Americans of other races no OK,then on top of that other countries look at us as hypocritical.We don’t respect our leader who is African American why should they.

  • We as a pple want to crucified a football player for not standing for an anthem that definitely was not intended for all, but the President of the United States was voted into office and does stand for all, many yrs ago I didn’t vote for Pres. BUSH but never would I think of disrespecting him cause he was voted President…These are the very things we are talking about when we say this country is for some not all, and things got to change. It starts with respecting everyone’s views whether they are ur views or not, and if we don’t we will destroy this nation…

  • To receive respect you need to give respect !!!! Americans can not stand by and watch our leaders destroy our country,call us names,change our country to where we do not recognize it and tell us we have to respect them! Obama is black and Hillary is white and I detest them both the same!

  • so the president was booed during standing for the flag and talking about the tragedy of 9/11. Yea player is the one who is disrespecting the country for not standing? are you kidding me America?

  • I hope thos kneelng are also praying for those deployable people who booed the POTUS. Must have been Trump supporters. Trump have given them a voice to speak hate lod and clear.

  • President Obama could care LESS about these Trumperteers booing and disrespecting him!! He has 2 weeks left to deal with all thier Foolery!!!!


  • Shortly after 9/11 there was an event held in Central Park to sort of heal the wounds of that terrible day. George W. Bush spoke on a projection television, and there was some anger in the crowd about him completely missing this terrorist operation, but, the rest of the crowd told those folks to shut up. We weren’t a majority Republican crowd, but we knew enough to respect the person holding the office and to let his speech be heard.

  • The very person you are booing POTUS, will be the person you wish was still the President when all of your young sons and daughters are sent to war in Syria. You don’t miss your water, until your well runs dry. IJS

  • I think it’s entirely understandable how people can love their country and despise their government.
    Kudos to Stylus for appropriate quote.

  • It is foolish for one to describe hard working people as lazy and then expect them to show respect? Most Americans are foolish; and I say that because of the way most of us vote in the last two presidential elections; but we are not ALL stupid.

  • I love this country, our flag and all it stands for but I believe in my heart the current administration, led by Obama, does not support or upload the oaths of office they swore to! Perhaps had he put his hand on the Quran instead of the Bible?

  • My thing is, if people did not like our President Obama, then why don’t they move? Since it is possibly the same people that tell black and Hispanic people to move back to where they came from(moving is so easy), why don’t they just leave the country and let the people that wanted Obama to be president stay here.

  • HILLARY WAS RIGHT!! What a bunch of IGNORANT, BIGOTED, RACIST BASTARDS you are to give a sitting POTUS ignorance, but then, COMPLAIN when there’s a protest of peaceful manner from a BLACK player… shows just HOW MUCH RACISM there is in this country, and PROVES that the NAZI DICKHEAD trump has a LOT of ignorant, intolerant, BIGGOTS (I call you guys MSSWIPES) who support him.

    • You have to know facts and not repeat what the republicans say. Do you remember how much GWB increased the deficit by? Do you remember that he was left a very sizable surplus by Clinton and he used that and left us deep in a hole? Do you know that he borrowed more than 1 trillion dollars from social security to help pay our bills and finance the war? Do you know that President Obama has paid down the deficit by more than 1 Trillion dollars? If you don’t know those facts, then you have been played by FOX News.

  • Obama is a moslem poser and liar, totally undeserving of any respect. World leaders know this as was shown at the recent very brief G20 gathering where the big O was called a “Son of a B______”. It was all down hill from there. Obama is a laughing stock.

    We revere the flag but not the current infestation in the White House. Call the ORKIN Man to remove bugs from the peoples house.

  • There is a lot of hate going on in this country right now, and it’s not healthy. God help us if that hate gets into the White House.

  • The POTUS has shown nothing but disdain for this country. He’s shoved radical Islam down our throats saying we can’t judge the entire Islam ideology from the actions of a few. Yet he judges every American gun owner from the actions of a few Che’s done nothing but defend and prop up our enemy for eight years now. He’s empowered them and armed them. He has committed treason on several more levels. He supports a lying murderous traitor like Hillary. So those boos are well earned. He should be in prison and not making 911 videos to patronize true Americans.
    I agree we need better education due to all of the ignorant liberals in this country. Let’s not forget all of the race baiting nobama has done that’s created more division in this country than 60 years ago. He’s a sad excuse of a leader. Thanks to him the whole world laughs at us.

  • Yes I love America…does not mean I have to like our government or it’s leaders…and for me I do not like our present POTUS..I did not vote for him either term and am looking forward to the day he leaves office…he has more damage to separate this country than any POTUS before him.

  • This is sad the one that brought us back from economic collapse and put back on sound footing, this is racism for sure.

    • I’m glad that your economic recovery seems better. Mine has been very bad. Since Obama has been president, I’ve had 5 jobs. All have been temporary positions, except the last one, which was a permanent hire position. Yeah, the company laid off the entire staff. I am a combat veteran, with a college degree and am extremely hard working, yet in the last 8 years I’ve worked only 3 years. You tell me how this bozo in the presidents office has made things better. By the way, I’m NOT white. I can’t wait for this Un-American president leaves office, since I don’t see any love of country coming from him.

  • Tell me what are you booing the president for. For something u heard on tv get the facts all the president have done is tryed to make this country better but it’s people like u all that make it so hard. Grow up read your bible an think God for a man who is trying to make this country better

  • Hey ignorant booing football fan. Are you expressing your displeasure that the future is going to marginalize your white redneck @ss into extinction? Not a good look.

  • “A double minded person is unstable in all their ways……” that’s the message to the booing crowds no respect at all, pretty sickening.

  • people say stupid things either way it goes obama is president and making money for what he does and he made great changes to this world and made an effort to reach out to those whom he intended. are any of u president ……..huh ill wait ? no oh i didnt think so either way boo’d or not he president and aint nun u can do to change that or how he feels

  • I am sick of so called Americans who claim to be proud of being an American. Bush f**** up the economy, lied about Saadam Hussain having nuclear weapons, started wars that was not necessary, but was never booed. Clinton used the office as a sex den but was never booed. Nixon was investigated in the watergate scandals and was never booed. Here we have a black president who has done more for the citizen of this country and for the country as a whole, but was never given the respect he deserves. He was called a liar by a member of congress on national T.V, booed and lied on by everybody in legislative positions. It is nothing but outright racism that is driving these comments and actions. President Barac Obama is the best president we had since President John F. Kennedy. So every one who is bias against our president need to check themselves and ask yourself is it about the color of his skin, or is you just stupid.

  • It is not surprising that this happened. Pres. Obama in my 67.5 years of life has been the most rudely treated and disrespected Pres. of the USA that :-* have witnessed. There is a wave of disrespect across this nation; civility flew out the window with this Congress. What is more sad plus that they try to mask this disrespect as partisan politics, hiding subliminal racial disrespect. Now via the Trim campaign all the closet bigots and racist have openly felt it is their time to be bold.

  • Why boo the guy who killed or captured every person responsible for 911. Bush is the one who let Bin Ladin live, love, marry, have children while using 911 as a bank check to invade a country that had zero to do with it to advance corporate interest. Then that mess destabilized the entire région, gave power to Iran on a silver platter and allowed the vacuum for ISIS to rise. Booing President Obama at a 911 tribute is like flood victims booing the Red cross. Y’ all deserve Trump. I hope you elect him.

  • Anyone who feels Colin was disrespectful and his timing wasn’t right because of the anthem being sang…. But feel it was ok and justified for the president to be boooooed at that time.. for what ever reason.. Is a straight up hypocrite.. and it’s that mentality.. where our problems lies. It’s people like YOU.. that’s apart of the problems we dealing with today.

  • He’s not our leader, none of them are our leaders, they are elected representatives. They work for us, and the sooner the people remember that, the sooner we can fix our great nation.

  • The current POTUS with others of his ilk, has created a situation in our country that is coming to a head. They’ve taken and forced civilians to do what was not what anyone has wanted. AMERICANS are more upset about the direction of our country than in the 60’s. There are things needing adjusting, but the government is the most corrupt it probably ever been. The current president and his hidden agenda has caused strife and disparity where there wasn’t. It’s time to change things in a better direction.

  • Fake patriots… Mad at a man SITRING during the anthem but will boo the Potus? Prime example of WHY WE WILL NOT CONFORM TO WHITE AMERIKKKA!!! Never heard Bush get Booed for failing us in 9/11, hmmmmm I will never stand or pledge to a Nation who disrespects a good man who does NOT make all final decisions on what goes on with the US!!!

  • The country is in the worst shape ever but not because of President Obama and his policies. We are in the toilet because of the homophobic, sexist racists who now feel it is safe and honorable to slip out from their slime under the rocks and boo an African-AMERICAN President: the man who oversaw the killing of Bin Laden, restored the economy, raised the opinion of people around the world about the US and smiled despite having to deal with the most dysfunctional, unproductive and backward looking Congress in a century. G-d help the USA!

    • People calling him a liar in a broadcast shown around the world, people pointing their finger in his face, people saying he was not born in the United States, people disrespecting his First Lady, ……………The list goes on and on but, in my mind, this was one of the worst!!!!!!!!!! It makes you hope that it was staged!!!!!!!!! Your comment about those who have hidden their true feelings coming out from the slime and rocks is right on point and that is what is soooooooooooooo scary about the upcoming election. We,as a nation, cannot sleep through this one. We must get out and vote like never before. Thank you for stating the facts!!!!!!!

    • Gigantic eye roll. Restoration of the economy? Hardly. Raised the opinion of our nation world-wide?! Hyperbole, and extremely subjective, Robert. We are in the toilet because half this nation are lemmings.

  • America is browning people. For all those spewing vitriol about the past eight years, gird your loins. The hate baiting candidate will lose. There aren’t enough deplorables to vote him into office.Its a numbers game. Misogynists, get ready to start whining.

  • Might need to scan crowd as I can almost guarantee not all booing were the same race. If black people were booing are they racist too?

  • The comments on here are deplorable. So booing the president was totally unpatriotic yet you’re mad because a football player choses not to stand for the national anthem. Hipocrites or just a$$ho!€$.

  • Why is America so mad at black people you dam idiots and racist cowards yall don’t talk that big stuff when all the other nationality are buying up your country and you running 400 million dollars check back,mf still testing missile,China,Russia and any other country ready to smack stuffing out of you. MORAL TO STORY YOU GONNA NEED US AGAIN ONE DAY TO HELP IN SOME WAY..REMEMBER DUMB DUMBS BLACK PEOPLE SPEND LOTS OF MONEY ON ANYTHING.YOUR ENEMIES ARE HIDING IN OUR COMMUNITIES PLANNING THIERRY ATTACK SILLY WHY YALL STILL WRAPPED UP IN THIS 1940 STUFF

  • I would be willing to bet that every one with these boos and disrespectful comments are the same people whom want a president who is going to build a wall separating the US an Mexico, the one who says if I was president I would just bomb the [email protected] out of them… the one who says if “they” get out of hand deal with them I will get you out of jail, etc… etc..smh… God bless my country!!!!

  • So let me see if I can get a understanding on this. On 9-11 at M & T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland a City where people who live there are majority Government employees, Democratic voters and majority African American played against the Buffalo Bills from Buffalo, New York who’s fans are majority Democrat. Decided to foolishly boo the PUTUS recorded 9-11 speech. Yet the best you people can surmise, is that the boos were from hateful racist bigot Trump supporters? I surmise those of you tossing around Hillarys smear words like racist, bigot, hateful, deplorables are the real unmasked racist. I am willing too bet the bank, that just like Hillary, none of you will sit across the table from a person of a different race, or invite someone you know of a different race too come over and comfortably relax in your home for a day of fun. Unless of course just like Hillary, there is something in it for you. You can bet Hillary will not be seen rubbing elbows with a African American in her home. Nope you will only see this, in a banquet room party with cameras rolling at one of her fund raisers. So until you can do such, drop all the Hillary smear words, unmask your own real racism and look in the mirror too see who is really destroying America.

  • I can make a good profile on all the folks here who agree with booing #POTUS. They are most likely:
    1. White immigrant
    2. Republican
    3. Far right
    4. NRA member
    5. Trump supporter
    6. Prolife but very sexually active
    7. Racist
    8. Birther
    9. Sympathetic to KKK

  • President Obama got voted in twice, so those racist remarks some people post just shows their insignificance and as they hide behind a keyboard as cowards for being shortsighted and not very smart. They can boo all they want now, he has no more elections so he can take the bigots head-on. Eat your hearts or relocate to Canada or Mexico.

  • This is why the rest of the world hates us, on the anniversary of day that the worst attack on U.S. Soil ever, you respond with the same level of hate that caused the attack on the first place. I’m a Navy veteran and it sickens me to see the level of disrespect you people show toward our President, it’s disgusting, this is why Kappernick is sitting, because you just don’t get it, your hate blinds every you from seeing the truth, because the truth exposes you, go ahead, keep empowering citizens to turn on their country with your hate, YOU are to blame.

  • So it’s totally cool to relentlessly make fun of George W. Bush, but the moment somebody “Boos” Obama, you freak the f*ck out?! Sorry, Democrats have a huge double standard when it comes to this stuff. It’s not so fun when it’s “your guy” is it?!

  • So, let me get this straight. The President gets booed because some of you say that you love your country, but not the President?

    So what you’re saying is that you can love America but not like something within it? If so, thanks you all for validating Colin Kaepernick’s stand on loving America but hating the social injustices. You’ve just (unwittingly) proved his point! Thanks! 🙂

  • “GOD BLESS AMERICA” – He did BLESS us with PRESIDENT OBAMA rather you like or not!
    “IN GOD WE TRUST” – We did and He gave us PRESIDENT OBAMA!


  • People are upset about this and I understand. Because of the occasion, people should have restrained themselves. It is being called hypocrisy to not speak out equally to the booers and yet call out the “kneelers”. Absolutely no comparison or hypocrisy: The Flag represents an idea imperfect as it is. Thankfulness and REVERENCE even with our country’s flaws is what we show when we stand for our Flag. The IDEA that the Flag stands for has done nothing to anyone. The president is only a person and should be expected to respect our citizens. He cannot earn respect by making his dissenters out to be racist, xenophobes, homophobes, gun and bible clingers or any of the many, many other labels he has given to those who disagree with him. Trump and Hillary have done much of the same. The temptation to boo any of the three of them (even as president) is understandable. Lack of REVERENCE to the human sacrifices that have given us this great country is very difficult to understand because it demonstrates deep selfishness and thanklessness. That is what people see in the “kneelers” and why they speak out against these who have achieved so much under the very flag they choose not to honor. They can protest or bring attention to their causes in many other ways.
    If Trump gets elected, how many people are going to say he should be given the same REVERENCE that our Flag and country should receive? Hopefully none. The day we equate REVERENCE to our Flag with reverence to the person holding the office of our President is the day we begin to look a lot like pre-WWII Germany.

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