Police Say Autopsy Shows Las Vegas Gunman Had No Abnormalities In His Brain

The Las Vegas sheriff leading the investigation into America’s worst mass shooting has said ‘we may never know’ what motivated Stephen Paddock to kill 58 people.

Joe Lombardo said and exam of Paddock’s brain has revealed ‘no abnormalities’ while girlfriend Marilou Danley had ‘no concerns’ over his mental health.

Detectives have contacted every branch of Paddock’s family tree, including both his ex-wives, but have no uncovered anything that would explain his murderous actions.

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‘All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found,’ Lombardo said in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Asked if investigators are any closer to uncovering a motive, he added: ‘We may never know.’

Lombardo was able to shed more light on Paddock’s time in Las Vegas before he began his massacre on Sunday, October 1.

Paddock had arrived in the city three days earlier than originally thought, but stayed in a different room that was provided free of charge by the hotel.

When he moved to the corner suite from which he carried out the massacre, the hotel began charging him for the stay.

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