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[PHOTOS] Internet Trolls Drag Idris Elba’s Daughter For Instagram Pictures Of Her Sweet 16

Isan shared pictures from the beautiful affair as well. One of them is featured below.

Photo credits: TheShadeRoom via Instagram

However, when a messy celebrity blog called TheShadeRoom got a hold of some photos, which were later shared with its social media following, all hell broke loose. A horde of trolls lashed out and attacked Mr. Elba’s daughter by making disparaging comments about her looks and her body.

It’s a damned shame that we live in a day and age where people simply can’t enjoy the most special moments of their life and share images of those moments on social media without having to worry about being bitterly hated on by worthless people who would assassinate the character of a minor for the world to see.

Scum like that is lucky Elba’s taking the high road. If this had been the daughter of, let’s say an underworld crime boss, heads would have definitely rolled…literally.

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