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[PHOTOS] Internet Trolls Drag Idris Elba’s Daughter For Instagram Pictures Of Her Sweet 16

Cyberbullies spewed their hateful venom at actor Idris Elba’s daughter after photos of her 16th birthday party were posted on Instagram.

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The internet can be a very ugly place that gives some of the world’s most hideous people a platform for being as disgusting and despicable as they can possibly be.

One of the latest examples of such an abomination transpired on Instagram very recently after a moment where actor Idris Elba (pictured right) shared some priceless photographed memories from his daughter’s Sweet 16 party. Like any proud dad with the financial means to do so, Elba, 45, spent lavishly for his lovely daughter Isan Elba (pictured left).

Mr. Elba provided a winter wonderland theme complete with a red carpet for his princess. He also booked YFN Lucci, his daughter’s favorite rapper to perform at the birthday party.

“Isan is 16 today!! What?? I’m so proud of my lil mami .. I’m very lucky to have her in my life. Her entire life represents a change for the better… The long awaited gift bearer. I love you @isanelba Dad,” Elba wrote in an Instagram message underneath a picture of his daughter.

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