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PHOTOS: Internet Hilariously Reacts To Sammy Sosa’s Series Of Photos Of Him Dabbing With Bleached Skin

‘Transformation to Dominican Jay Leno is almost complete!’ Black former Chicago Cubs star Sammy Sosa shocks social media with series of pictures that show him dabbing with WHITE skin


Black baseball legend Sammy Sosa has caused a social media meltdown after he was spotted with even lighter skin.

Photos of the former Chicago Cubs right fielder dabbing in London on Tuesday show how much he has transformed since retiring from the big leagues in 2007.

‘Five days until Sammy Sosa’s birthday…Here he is in London!’ said a user posting a series of Tweets of Sosa and his wife in the city.

The 48-year-old Dominican-born athlete first appeared ‘lighter’ in 2009 and since then it seems the melanin in his skin has all but depleted.

Former Chicago Cubs player Sammy Sosa has sent Twitter into meltdown over his dramatic change in appearance 
He showed off his dab to fans who spotted him on Regents Street in London

Fans took to Twitter to share their shock and dismay at Sosa’s new look, but some also posted memes.

Justin Sherman said: 'BRUH..... Sammy Sosa's transformation to Dominican Jay Leno is almost complete'

'Sammy Sosa looks like the grandpa from the munsters,' said user Jaron Montana
Brandon Williams added: 'Idk what Sammy Sosa is going thru at this point in his life but this picture is terrifying'
Said a user: 'It makes me sad to see Sammy Sosa looking like the Ghost of Self-Hate Present'
'Here is a picture of a white Sammy Sosa dabbing....2017 is weird,' added a user

Lisa Andie said: 'I'm not completely sure but did Sammy Sosa morph into Shrek morphed into a man??'
'Sammy Sosa out here lookin’ like Andy Kaufman,' added a user
'My 1990 Fleer baseball card of Sammy Sosa... I just need to know does the value increase since he's white now. Lol,' said a different user

An image of Sammy clipped from a TV interview in July with ESPNDeportes about the Home Run Derby made its rounds on Twitter as people compared him to the Pink Panther.

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