Do You Have Photos Of Your Ex On Your Phone?

Woman Reveals Heartbreak After Discovering Her Boyfriend’s Pictures Of His First Love And A Secret Memory Box Of Her Items.

A woman sparked an online debate when she asked for advice after discovering her boyfriend’s secret ‘memory box’ filled with mementos from his first love.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said her partner also kept photos of his ex-girlfriend on his phone – even though he has none of his current girlfriend.

The woman admitted his actions made her feel ‘sidelined’ in her own relationship, adding: ‘Sometimes I get the feeling he wishes things had turned out differently with her but he’s managed to settle for me instead.’

The heart-wrenching post struck a chord with dozens of other users, who were divided over whether it was appropriate to hold onto photographs of an ex.

One user warned: ‘I am familiar with this and unfortunately it’s a red flag to me. My ex “planted” stuff for me to find, to let me know he still thought about his ex ( he didn’t really, but it was to keep me on my toes) look up narcissistic abuse and see if anything rings a bell. You could be being manipulated.’

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