PHOTOS: Barack Obama Reports For Jury Duty In Chicago, Greeted By Crowds

Barack Obama reports to $17.20-per-day jury duty in Chicago in a motorcade – and is sent home before noon

Former president Barack Obama answered a jury summons Wednesday, arriving at a Chicago courthouse to perform the civic duty asked of all Americans – but was sent home just two hours later.

Former President Obama reported for jury duty in Chicago, Illinois on Wednesday, but was dismissed after just two hours

The former leader of the free world was the only juror to arrive by six-vehicle motorcade, however, accompanied by tight security and met by a throng of news media.

He left his Chicago home in the Kenwood neighborhood at 9:30am and arrived at the courthouse a half hour layer. His motorcade was made up of four black SUVs, a Chicago police SUV, and an Illinois State Police SUV.

The ex-president Secret Service detail parked under the courthouse, and then ferried Obama up to the 17th floor jury assembly room via an elevator usually reserved just for judges.

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