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Petition To Remove Ray Lewis Statue For Kneeling During Anthem Has 50,000 Signatures

Nearly 50,000 people have signed an online petition asking for the removal of a statute of retired Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis after he joined other NFL players kneeling during the national anthem before Sunday’s game in London.

Ravens fan Eric Moniodis’ petition on change.org says the anthem honors the United States and its veterans. It reads: ‘To kneel during it is disrespectful, regardless of what you are protesting.’

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Lewis said on ‘Inside the NFL’ that he prayed while he knelt to ‘simply honor God in the midst of chaos.’

‘I want the Ray Lewis statue at Ravens Stadium removed because of his refusal to stand during the National Anthem,’ Moniodis’ petition read. ‘That song honors our country and our veterans who fought for it.

‘To kneel during it is disrespectful, regardless of what you are protesting,’ he continued. ‘I will not stand for that kind of disrespect towards our country, especially from a legend such as Ray Lewis. You stand for the National Anthem as a salute to those who can’t stand because they fought for this land.’A Maryland Stadium Authority spokeswoman told The Baltimore Sun extra security has been added to M&T Bank Stadium, including the plaza where Lewis’ statue is located.

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