People In Open Relationships Reveal How They Work

People In Open Relationships Talk About Ground Rules, Having Fun, And How To Make Things Work In Their Complicated Love Lives.

For many people, an open relationship sounds like the ideal; an ongoing partnership that allows you to date other people.

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However, the reality is often more complicated, with jealously rearing its head.

A new thread on social media site Reddit sheds some light on to how open relationships really work…with posts by those who are in, or have been in, them.

One user who claimed he’d dated women who’d been in open relationships said that more often than not, it was men who initiated the less than conventional set-up but women who actually ended up having more fun.

Another revealed that ground rules that both parties agreed beforehand ensured that there were no surprises:

One commenter suggested that retaining a close emotional relationship with one party and just sleeping with other people was the key to success when it comes to open relationships:

If the relationship is broken, adding a third, fourth or fifth party isn’t going to help:

This person agreed, saying that an open romance was never the solution to a crumbling relationship:

Never confuse cheating with being ‘open’ – they are entirely different concepts:

Organization is everything! This experienced polygamous person said couples need to constantly ‘negotiate’ to ensure each party is happy:

Another female revealed how she enjoyed an ongoing relationship with a couple and said that it ‘works out great’ while she’s single…but that she wouldn’t want an open relationship when she finally settles down with one person.

And modern technology seems to be the playground for people in open relationships looking for potential partners.

And the pitfalls also surfaced; one woman shared her own story of how her husband initially sought satisfaction elsewhere…which eventually turned into a relationship and he left:


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