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People On Dating Apps With Dogs In Their Profile Picture Are More Likely To Get More Matches

Your Dog Getting You A Date?

By: Brianna Wigfall

It appears that people love to see your affection for dogs on dating apps. According to a new survey, men and women are more likely to get matched with someone when they have a photo of their dog. An experiment conducted by Pet Wingman used Tinder and Bumble dating apps to find out the effects that dogs had on matching with men and women.

 Photo Credit: 123rf.

For women out of 100 swipes with a profile photos that included a dog had 69% more matches. During the two-week-long experiment, the study showed the number of matches, messages, super likes and messaged received about their dog. Tinder’s results were 117% more likes, 150% more messages, 2 messages about the dog, 100% more super likes, and 122% more interactions. On Bumble there were 22% more matches, 100% more super likes, and  30% more interactions.

Photo Credit: 123rf.

For men on the other hand out of 100 swipe with a profile photo including a dog had an average increase of 38% more matches. This social experiment was also run for two weeks and included the number of matches, messages, super likes, and messages received about their dog. On Tinder the ‘puppy power’ received 30% more matches, 75% more messages, 2 messages were about the dog, 200% more super likes and 54% more interactions. Bumble’s ‘puppy power’ received 45% more matches, 40% more messages, 5 messages about dogs, and 39% more interactions.

This study concludes that puppy power works, but it mostly works for women. So throwing a four-legged pal in your profile picture definitely won’t hurt!

Source: Webbox, 123rf Images

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live

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