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Payless Catfish Customers? The Shoe Store Tricks Customers Into Paying Hundreds Of Dollars For Their Shoes Staged In a Luxury Store Called ‘Palessi’

A Fake Luxury Store Called ‘Palessi’ Got Customers To Buy Payless Shoes For Hundreds Of Dollars

By: Brianna Wigfall

Payless had a point to prove, and they came up with a brilliant idea to show shoppers that they can always shop for less at Payless. The prank went over the heads of LA fashion elite shoppers as they spent hundreds of dollars in a fancy store called ‘Palessi.’ Payless set up a pop-up shop in LA and gave it the name ‘Palessi’ and staged the store as an upscale one-of-a-kind party and shopping experience. The shoppers paid hundreds of dollars in the store for shoes that can be bought in Payless for $19.99.

According to AdWeek, the pop-up shop was displayed in a former Armani store. In the boutique store, they gave shoppers a chance to bid on the $20-$40 shoes, and one of the highest offers came up to $640. The store continued to ring up the customers in the store for more than $3,000 work of shoes. As the cameras were rolling the store revealed the prank to customers and panned in on their faces as they plan to play the footage for commercials they will run during the holidays and on their social channels.