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Paris Jackson Tearful Video On Cyber-Bullying: ‘It’s Hard…When There’s So Much Of It’

Paris Jackson Reduced To Tears Over Cyber-Bullying, Also Admits She’s Thought of Committing Suicide

The full Instagram video is below, but has since been deleted by the teenager and replaced with an Instagram photo.

“Looks like I’m the villain now,” she wrote in the caption.


looks like i’m the villain now. didn’t know defending myself was a crime. my dearest apologies.

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  • Paris Jackson, please hold your head up high and know that you are as Special as any other person walking this Earth. The people making those hateful comments and statements are NOT your problem – the hateful things they say and do is THEIR PROBLEM. Please don’t allow them to make their illness your illness. You are a beautiful young woman deserving all that is good and beautiful – seize it as your own and turn you back on those who do not see you for the truth of who you are. Namaste’

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