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Parents Share Hilarious (And Slightly Inappropriate) Cards They Received From Their Kids😄

It’s the thought that counts! Parents share the hilarious and VERY offensive cards they have received from their well-meaning children

For many parents a handmade card from their child is something to be treasured, however, some of these offerings aren’t likely to make the fridge.

A hilarious gallery compiled by BoredPanda has revealed some of the most offensive and inappropriate notes people have received from their youngsters.

While given with good intention some are rather more insulting than the giver had hoped for.

Parents have revealed some of the funniest and most offensive cards they have received from their offspring

Several grandparents were slightly taken aback to receive drawings from their grandchildren proclaiming that they were glad they were still alive.

Elsewhere kids have made an effort to make their family feel better about their flaws but have done the opposite in pointing them out including one who says they still love their mum despite her ‘big butt’.

One child wanted to make sure their parents were aware of their insignificance in this world:

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